Clone Club Minutes: It’s the Quiet Ones You Want to Watch

Dr. Aldous Leekie talks with Rachel Duncan about some new developments on Orphan Black.
Orphan Black (Photo: Steve Wilkie / BBC America)

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode #7: Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things — Clone Club prayers answered, in the most unexpected way.This week the Clone Club gets a very lucky break (See ‘Monitor Watch’).  But first.  Rachel’s reunited with her “dad” Ethan Duncan and seemed visibly moved to see him.  Apparently she also cares deeply for the man who raised her, Dr. Leekie, as she at least gives him a head start on the Dyad play to get rid of him.  Meanwhile over in another lab, Cosima’s stem cell treatments are working, which is unfortunate only because she finds out they’re Kira’s stem cells and, well, they’re running out of the supply.  Sarah seems more than willing to help out her ‘Clone Cousin’ (my term, not the show’s) by regaining custody of Kira from her doting dad, Cal, and taking off to see Cosima.  And earlier, over in crazy-town, ahem, Allison’s world – she and Vic prepare for Family Day the rehab facility until she finds out he’s in cahoots with Detective DeAngelis.  Vic agrees to switch sides if he can meet with Sarah, he does, but ever-helpful Felix has spiked his cup of tea, Vic collapses and chaos ensues.  Somehow Sarah must stand-in for Allison at a Family Day demonstration, Donnie convinces Allison that he’s been ‘watching’ her because years ago he agreed to be part of a sociological study, and DeAngelis arrives to find her informant passed out and covered in glitter.

Clone of the Week: Sarah

So what if she’s also the player president of the Clone Club.  She may be an even better ‘actresss’ than Tatiana Maslany, slipping from fearless mama bear to impersonating Allison’s uptight/pill-popping housewife to Cal’s companion to, well, Clone Club Cousin-extraordinaire to Cosima.

Monitor Watch

Remember when I said watch out for Donnie, I MEANT it.  Apparently Donnie IS a monitor, he just may not know it.  After telling Allison he’s been watching her for some odd sociology study, he tracks Leekie, and once the Doctor is in his far demands to know why his wife has been poked and prodded and really what’s going on.  Before Aldus can respond, Donnie is shaking a gun in his face and his lack of fire arms experience proves help-er-harmful when the gun goes off and Leekie’s blood is splattered all over the front passenger side window.  Well, guess the Clone Club won’t have to worry about him from now on…

Honorable Mention

Don’t we think somehow Mrs. S is the mastermind behind everything?  She pops up EVERYWHERE and knows EVERYONE and it can’t just be from extensive investigation.  What in the world is this woman really hiding?  Hopefully we’ll find out more at our next Clone Club Meeting.

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