Undateable: Last Resort Love Coach

Undateable (Photo: NBC)
Undateable (Photo: NBC)

NBC’s Undateable is a multi-camera objectification of women from the point of view of a pickup artist. Bad move, NBC.


Undateable, Thursdays at 9pm on NBC. That smell is summer burn-off.


Pickup artist Danny (Chris D’Elia) helps his new roommate Justin (Brent Morin) and his friends (David Fynn, Rick Glassman, Ron Funches) up their dating game.


Bill Lawrence (ScrubsSurviving Jack) is an executive producer. Adam Sztykiel (Due DateMade of Honor) is credited as the creator.


So, here’s the thing. In grad school I took a course in multicamera production. The second half of the class was dedicated to producing a webseries pilot.1 The end result was about a despicable individual who tries to help the equally despicable find love. His ally is his sister and their main hangout is a bar. The show was titled Last Resort Love Coach.2

Undateable features a despicable individual who tries to help the not-quite-as-despicable find love. Danny’s sister plays the foil, and the new roommate Justin owns a bar. That’s……really weird to watch.


Much like LRLC, Undateable is not good. The whole pickup artist concept is super skeevy anyway, but considering the #YesAllWomen campaign happening right now, it’s even more unsettling. Morin, Funches, and Glassman were on Comedy Central’s @midnight last week, but I didn’t get to watch their episode until this week. The #UndateableBecause hashtag war was a slog given current events. The attempted humor in that segment matches the general humor of the show. That being said, Ron Funches is a delight and the only person who got me to laugh while watching the pilot.


Awful jokes, awful characters, and Detroit gets besmirched as the show’s setting. Apparently you can find that gold on NBC. This show is undateable.

  1. Because webseries have to go through development hell?  
  2. That title was the best choice from a list of terrible options.  

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