Clone Club Minutes: Papa can you hear me? Not so-much-an Orphan Black

Helena plays a game of arms.
Orphan Black (Photo: Jan Thijs / BBC America)

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode #6: To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings — What happens when the Clone Club becomes a full-on family affair?This week after the Clone Club meeting, Sarah and Helena are going to Cold River to find Ethan Duncan their clone-father, who apparently didn’t die in a fire in the 1970’s along with his wife and fellow scientist.  Sarah eventually finds him along with Mrs. S who explains she and her peeps have been keeping him safe all these years.  He tells her that in the lab they were just trying to make little girls, but she’s going to need a better explanation and so are we.  Duncan, hiding as a man named Andrew Peckham, says they really did love Rachel and that the Dyad Institute funded he and his wife’s work when the military and ethics violations tried to shut them down.  He insists he’s been running from Dr. Leekie himself for the past several decades.  Meanwhile Helena finds herself in a bar brawl and then arrested, only to be sprung from lock-up by that unfortunate Prolethian daughter.  And in other news, Delphine and Cosima may be close to finding a treatment or cure for what the clones seem to be catching and the source may just be a clone’s daughter.  Which of course has to be Kira because, well, the other clones can’t have children…or can they. Looks like that’s what the Prolethians are trying to do with Helena and may just succeed as she seems determined now to ‘carry’ her own babies.

Clone of the Week: Helena

That’s right, in one episode she endears us to her by playing “shadow puppets” while sharing a tent with her beloved sister Sarah, then proceeds to defeat a would-be-suitor in a series of arm-wrestling matches, followed by nearly killing another bar patron, only to be recaptured by the people she tried to hard to escape from…and now, just wants to be able to carry her babies.  What?  She really just can’t-stop-won’t-stop.

Monitor Watch

Mrs. S is the Monitor of the Week – is she bad? is she good? Where did she really come from? and why does she end up knowing everyone and everything connected to the clones?  does she secretly writer her own Clone Club Minutes? Meanwhile Delphine is still trying to woo Cosima with her scientific genius, Donny is trying to keep Allison under lock and key at rehab and Dr. Leekie is mysteriously absent.  No doubt we’ll see him next Saturday.

Honorable Mention

In this incarnation of “wait, what?” Sarah and Helena finally start to drift off to sleep in their tent when Helena lets out the loudest fart heard on television outside of a Judd Apatow movie.  Tatiana Maslany for the Emmy win.

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