Clone Club Minutes: Sisters, sisters There were never such devoted sisters

Helena and Sarah share a sisterly moment.
Orphan Black (Photo: Jan Thijs / BBC America)

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode #5: Insa Scientia Protestas Est — If knowledge is power, the clones are in trouble.  It seems Helena knows more than most about the history of the Clone Club and while that’s a scary thought, it seems to be what’s keeping her dearly beloved sister, Sarah, alive.I’m sure after last week you were as convinced as I was that Sarah would be departing the Clone Club at the hands of her ‘twin sister’ Helena, but the blonde is full of surprises.  Apparently she cares more about family loyalty than murder and isn’t too bitter about that time Sarah shot her point blank.  This week Sarah and Helena are on the run.  The former takes the latter to see Art, the detective, to hopefully give him some answers as to what the Prolethians were doing to her.  We can only imagine as they’ve sewn their daughter’s mouth shut, literally for trying to kill their beloved Helena. In the end the Prolethian parents tell their daughter she must find Helena or she’ll ‘carry the child herself.’ Aha! So they’re trying to make a clone baby!  (I hope you too were lost for weeks).  Meanwhile Rachel’s reliving her past a bit with home movies and reminiscing about the fact that while Leekie took her in after her parents died, she outranks him now.  Speaking of her Parents, Dr. Duncan may not have died in that fire after all.  But before we hope for a reunion between Rachel and her dad – er, doctor, Helena’s picked up a sniper rifle and is ready to kill her before Sarah steps in, literally, and reminds her that they need to work together and without Rachel they may not get answers and that above all, she and Helena are sisters and need to stick together.

Clone of the Week: Helena

Clone of the week has to go to Helena, who may only be one of several personalities, but also HAS several personalities.  She goes from sweet, to silly, to sad, to assassin all within a matter of a tv day.  #whowillHelenatrytokilltoday

Monitor Watch

While I’m not sure what Paul’s personal agenda is, his professional agenda now involves being Rachel’s Monitor.  We’re not sure why she needs one.  She’s calling him a bodyguard, but as she tries to extend that into the bedroom we’re not so sure the poor woman isn’t just lonely.  The difficulties of being in the Clone Club.

Honorable Mention

The very best scene of the season thus far has to go to Felix preparing for his boyfriend’s arrival dancing (and singing?) 80’s hit ‘Head Over Heals’ while applying the perfect amount of eyeliner and blush, picking the perfect outfit, and laying down the perfect pink satin sheets.  Bowchickawowow…until the cops arrive.

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