Survivor Cagayan Recap: A Book on Self-Awareness

Woo needs to get untangled in this week's Survivor immunity challenge.
Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)

Survivor: Cagayan Episode 12: “Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back” — It’s the final five, which means Tony needs to use his idols. Trish and Kass share their true feelings.

Previously on Survivor Cagayan: It has been Spencer versus Tony since the show told us that was a thing. Luck keeps falling Tony’s way, but Spencer has become a bit of a challenge monster in a sense of self-preservation. Tasha, Spencer’s last ally, was voted out last week. Now it’s Spencer versus the main alliance.

Prologue — Night 33

Solarrian returns to camp and Spencer confronts Woo about what happened to their deal. At the last reward challenge, Woo agreed to join Spencer and Kass in an effort to get rid of Tony. Obviously that didn’t happen. Kass condescends to Spencer, “why does anyone lie in this game? It’s part of the game.” No, people lie to move forward, not just because their bored. Well, some people lie because they’re bored, but when do any of those people win?

Anyway. We jump to the next day with Tony and Woo in a boat. They chat about endgame, with Tony proposing Kass as a third person in their group. Since things are going swimmingly, Woo tells Tony what the plan was going into last tribal council. Tony thanks Woo for his honesty, then interviews that he needs to blindside Woo tout de suite.

Reward Challenge

The five castaways arrive at a giant mud pit. The challenge: dive in, get muddied up, run to a bucket, and scrape as much mud off as possible. After 10 minutes, whoever has the heaviest bucket wins pizza delivery. There’s not much to describe here, other than Probst sounding overly aroused in his narration. At the end of challenge, Tony’s bucket is overflowing with mud, so he is the obvious winner. He picks Trish as his lunch date since she hasn’t eaten in days.

Camp Life

The people not enjoying pizza see the meal as a metaphor for the game. How dare Tony take the person he’s not actively getting rid of to eat disgusting looking pizza? As that rat bastard gorges on the aforementioned pizza, he tells Trish he has both types of idols. All idols have to be used by this week’s tribal council, but since no one except Tony knows the stipulations of the “special” idol, he says he’ll tell everyone the secret power is that it can be used at final four. Interesting strategy, but I think the rule about idol use at final five is in the big book of rules the players have to sign, and having players call shenanigans does not seem to be in anyone’s best interest. Back to the gameplay, Tony interviews he wants Trish and Kass with him at the end because they won’t get votes. Kass definitely won’t, but I wouldn’t count out Trish just yet.

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