Fall 2014: The CBS Schedule

NCIS spins off NCIS New Orleans
NCIS (Photo: CBS.com)

CBS has the least amount of new real estate available, so the network has a lot of shuffling going on to shake up their Fall 2014 schedule.


  • Since the network will have Thursday Night Football for the first half of the fall season, Big Bang Theory will move to the 8pm slot. 2 Broke Girls will take over the slot in November.
  • Mom returns for a second season in the 8:30pm slot, rounding out the network’s now-truncated Monday comedy block.
  • AHHH! They picked up Kat McPhee’s drama Scorpion! Why am I excited about this? Read her character description from Deadline. Oh goodness. The show takes the 9pm slot, followed by NCIS: Los Angeles at 10pm.


  • NCIS will continue to lead the night, followed by its latest spin-off NCIS: New Orleans at 9pm.
  • Person of Interest will stay in the 10pm slot.


  • Survivor will be back for its 29th edition, this time taking place in Nicaragua. Reality Blurred is reporting it will be another Blood vs. Water season, this time with all new players.
  • Criminal Minds holds down the fort in the 9pm hour.
  • Stalker stars Maggie Q (Nikita) and Dylan McDermott (Hostages) as police who investigate stalking cases. Because CBS needs to up its violence against women quota, I suppose. The show airs at 10pm.


  • Thursday Night Football will be on the schedule through October 23.
  • The comedy block will return, with Big Bang Theory leading into The Millers and then the final season of Two and a Half Men. Closing out the block will be new comedy The McCarthys, a family comedy set in Boston where the gay son is chosen by his dad to be his assistant basketball coach. Laurie Metcalf plays the matriarch of the family. There’s a lot going on in the description, but I’m a little curious.
  • Elementary will close out the night.


  • The Amazing Race won’t have to deal with football overruns anymore, now that it has moved to the early slot. CBS has had success in this slot with Undercover Boss, so perhaps getting the show out of the scheduling nightmare that is Sunday night is a smart move.
  • Hawaii Five-0 hits the beach at 9, followed by Blue Bloods at 10.


  • No major changes here: Crimetime and 48 Hours. As it has been and forever will be.


  • Along with football overruns, 60 Minutes takes the 7pm slot.
  • New drama Madame Secretary takes the 8pm slot. Tea Leoni stars as a newly appointed Secretary of State. The description keeps on referencing third world problems and the Middle East, so we may get the same sensitive portrayal of the region as we did on Intelligence.1
  • The Good Wife stays in the 9pm slot, followed by CSI and its eventual spin-off CSI: Cyber. What’s with all the techno-thrillers, CBS?
  1. That friggin’ show…  

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