Clone Club Minutes: Happy Mother’s Day Sarah Manning

Mrs. S and Carlton reminisce
Orphan Black (Photo: Jan Thijs / BBC America)

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 4: Governed As If It Were By Chance — And in the beginning, there was Mr. & Mrs. Duncan? Clone Club Player-Presidents!Happy Mother’s Day Sarah Manning! That’s right, you left your daughter only to get her back and promise to never leave her…and then continue to leave her episode after episode.  Great that she’s now met her dad, or is he? But how much do you know about him and his former work with the government?  And now you’ve gotten yourself trapped in Rachel Duncan’s apartment with one of Dr. Leekie’s henchmen only to be saved when Helena kills him and probably now dangerously close to death because Helena also found YOU and has realized that the Prolethians were, are, will continue to mess with her reproductive abilities.

Good thing Cosima’s getting sicker because we wouldn’t want Sarah to continue to try to help figure out what’s going on only to be captured again…and again.

We DO find out that Rachel Duncan’s adoptive parents were scientists killed in a lab fire, but they may not have been “adoptive” at all – were they the real thing?  But then who really cloned the clones?

Clone of the Week: Sarah Manning

Sarah’s freak out face when Helena walks in to find her tied up in Rachel Duncan’s bathroom is EMMY. AWARD. WINNING.  Side note to the special effects artists/stand-ins and everyone else working on making it look seamless when two of the clones are together.

Monitor Watch

This week the who is the real question.  Was Cal a monitor, is he still a monitor?  Is he really Kira’s father?  What’s really going on?  They say the hand that rocks the cradle….

Honorable Mention

The Prolethians, or a sect of the Prolethians?  Either way, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. Did Helena actually kill the daughter?  Why aren’t they more upset?  Are they making more clones or just figuring out the miracle of life?  And what show do I know their leader from?

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