Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Preview: Final Thoughts

Eurovision Final: Predictions

Mike: Alright, we went through all 26 entries. Who are your picks?

Ben: hmmm…UK, Austria, Netherlands with Iceland as a sentimental favorite that hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of winning everything.

Mike: I think I’m going with Austria to win, hoping for Netherlands, expecting Sweden, and cautiously optimistic for Ukraine to finish in the Top 5. Who do you think will finish last?

Ben: Belarus or Slovenia, although I could see Germany end up down there too

Ben: I don’t think we’re going to see any nul points this year

Mike: It pains me to say it, but I’m worried France is not going to connect with the general audience

Ben: True. I like their entry, but I also have hipster taste.

Mike: No matter what happens, it should be a fantastic show.

Ben: Agreed.  I’m loving the venue (if only for the great use of height by so many of the acts) and the postcard idea of having artists recreate their flag is fantastic

Mike: And brilliantly executed. I loved Iceland’s and Azerbaijan’s

Ben: I like these much better than the Azerbaijani ones from a few years ago which became a fun game at the party “Azerbaijan: Land of…”: “Azerbaijan: Land of Constant Tire Fire”, “Azerbaijan: Land of Maiden Tower”

Mike: Hehe. Any final thoughts?

Ben: Covering this has been fun, and I’m excited for what looks to be an awesome show. Remember to spay and neuter your dogs and cats.

Mike: Thanks for joining the conversation!

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