Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Preview: Final Thoughts

Eurovision Final: Songs 11-15

Ben: So: how about the crowd reaction to Conchita Wurst?

Mike: I have never seen/heard anything like that before

Ben: I know!

Mike: Did you hear them going nuts during the green room interview?

Ben: That’s mostly what I’m referring to
Every time they were talking with her, the arena was roaring

Mike: Also: that performance was fantastic

Ben: Whoever did the staging knew what they were doing.  Absolutely perfect.

Ben: Austria shot up in the prediction rankings for good reason after that performance.  I think it should be interesting to see if that goodwill holds out until tomorrow.

Mike: I like Austria’s place in the lineup—it will outshine Greece and Germany and it’s deep enough so it will stay fresh (not that there are other bearded lady power ballads to confuse it with)

Ben: Eurovision 2027: the year we mixed up the bearded lady power ballads. Agreed on the positioning.

Mike: Hey, if Austria wins, you know there will be at least 2 copycats next year

Elaiza / Germany (Eurovision MiniPop: Ben Morris)
Elaiza / Germany (Eurovision MiniPop: Ben Morris)

Ben: I was really digging Germany when it was released, but it’s definitely getting outshined by the rest of the field this year.

Mike: Ben Morris, the guy who illustrated the delightful Eurovision MiniPop avatars, was at the jury dress rehearsal. It did not go well for Germany, apparently.

Ben: I was just about to say that of the Big 5 this year, they seem the most likely to place lowest

Mike: It’s weird, because the ESC version of the song is not that drastically different from the original, but its spark faded fast

Ben: Agreed!  It’s a perfectly lovely song, but it’s just outranked this year.
Does Sweden want to bring the contest back across the Copenhagen/Malmo bridge again?

Mike: Do they want to? Absolutely. Should they? Welllllll……..

Ben: I would be on board with that if it meant we got more Lynda Woodruff, but I would also like to see another country get the contest.

Mike: I’m glad the performance was not as boring as the one I predicted, but the song leaves me cold.

Ben: Sanna does seem a little icy.  I think it’s a strong power ballad, but it might be missing that little extra spark to take it all the way to the top.

Mike: There’s no movement until the second chorus, and even that movement is coming from the lights

Ben: From a driving in the car perspective, I played a bunch of the songs for a friend while we drove from Atlanta to Auburn for a puzzle thing and there’s a lot of great things to make light of in this song, from the drumbeat that starts in the second verse to the vocal gymnastics in the chorus

Mike: I won’t be surprised if “Undo” wins, but I will be disappointed

Ben: Same here.

Mike: Meanwhile, I would be thrilled AND surprised if France wins

Ben: I think they’ll do well, but I don’t see a win. I love the gameshow portions of the original video – there’s something delightfully “flat” about the coloring but I’ll be interested to see how they translate things to their stage show.

Mike: Vive la France! Yeah, they’re not winning. I like that they are kicking off the second half of the show, which should provide a nice energy boost to the proceedings

Tolmachevy Sisters / Russia (Eurovision MiniPop: Ben Morris)
Tolmachevy Sisters / Russia (Eurovision MiniPop: Ben Morris)

Ben: Agreed.  Excellent choice by the producers. Okay, so Russia. How about that crowd reaction when they got announced?

Mike: I LOLed

Ben: As did I. The thing that sort of confuses me is how much more it feels like one of the Tolmachevy Sisters is singing.

Mike: I mean, there was so much to boo, I’m sure the reasons weren’t unanimous

Ben: It feels like the melody could be split between them on the verses but it’s like 2/3rds left one, 1/3 right one

Mike: Yeah, I noticed that too. I think the shell game between the chorus and the verse is supposed to make you forget but it still comes through as uneven

Ben: the main theme of the performance (besides “please don’t hate us”) seems to be LOOK AT THESE TWO IDENTICAL PEOPLE SINGING THE SONG, and the song feels like one person could be singing it with a bunch of backing singers. Also, how about that balance beam?

Mike: I was more impressed with the Gandalf realness after their braid comes undone

Ben: Yep.  Also, did the simultaneous turn to camera and smile creep you out at the end of the song?
Because it creeped me out at the end of the song. Thanks, images of identical twins in popular media!

Mike: I was watching at work and may have not been paying attention. And I may have also not been paying attention when I rewatched later on Tuesday.

Ben: Okay, well pay attention tomorrow.  They’ll do it again.

Mike: If any other country did that entry, no way would it have qualified.


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