Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Preview: Final Thoughts

Ben: How did Israel not make it this year? We had talked about how the performance needed to be dynamic, and I thought they did enough to make the final.

Mike: Everybody missed on that one. The dreaded two-spot strikes again, I suppose.

Ben: True. I tend to not give too much credence to the “cursed” spots. But I’ll definitely be interested to see how much this one missed the top 10.  For all we know, the juries could have hated that one.

Mike: Mooch was asking me earlier if there are political ramifications that Israel is experiencing at the moment, but nothing jumped to mind.

Can-Linn / Ireland (Eurovision MiniPop: Ben Morris)
Can-Linn / Ireland (Eurovision MiniPop: Ben Morris)

Ben: Nowhere near the level of Russia/Ukraine, anyways there’s the whole Sodastream/Palestine thing going on right now, but somehow I don’t think Big Carbonation has a sway on Eurovision. I thought Ireland had a better chance of getting to the final, but the performance was sort of middling.

Mike: There were a lot of problems with that entry. Looking back, it was no different than when Eastern European countries do songs in traditional dress and folksiness.

Ben: Yeah.  The backing imagery/singers/dancers were screaming IRELAND when they didn’t necessarily need to. Although it may just be me, but I found the backing singers’ choreography during the chorus amusing.

Mike: Do we think Georgia finished in last place?

Ben: Probably? I liked their wine-based postcard. Also I can’t wait for the gifs of the drummer/parachute guy

Mike: That was a nice touch. After Belarus got in, I was worried that somehow they would advance, too.

Ben: I feel like we can’t leave the second semi-final without discussing Lithuania. That performance was my favorite I’ve seen.  I was almost on team Vilija, if only for the crazy styling.

Mike: She finally learned how to deliver the opening lines so that you could halfway understand them.

Mike: I’m not sad it didn’t advance. I’m glad Lithuania went out in style.

Ben: Any other semi 2 comments, or do we dive into the big show?

Mike: Let’s dive.

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