Clone Club Minutes: Clonesbians Unite!

Alison and Donny at Aynsley's Funeral
Orphan Black (Photo: Steve Wilkie / BBC America)

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 2: Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion— Prolethians, Neolutionists and Clonesbians, Oh My!So here we go Clone Club:  Helena is alive, barely, even after being shot at point blank range.  She stays in the hospital until the Prolethians spring her to their compound and reunite her with her caretaker since we was 14, Thomas.  There they all realize she’s not just a clone but a mirror of her twin and rr organs are on the opposite side.  The Prolethian’s head honcho kills Thomas and we think he’s got some clone research of his own going on.  Jesus take the wheel.

Meanwhile Cosima’s entrenched in Dr. Leekie’s lab and finally meets Rachel Duncan who gives her access to Sarah’s genome for research into why she’s seemingly the only one who can have children.

Speaking of kids, it seems it was Mrs. S who faked the kidnapping and took Kita herself, to save her.  Sure lady, that’s why you’ve apparently been snooping on Sarah and even Kira tells her mother Mrs. S is sketchy.  In the end Sarah and Kira escape after Mrs S is double crossed by her Prolethian aligned former friends who previously helped her when she brought Felix and Sarah over from Britain.  In the end Felix, Sarah and Kira are all now on the lamb.

Clone of the Week: Cosima

Homegirl is all sass this week, she is so sassy I’m pretty sure Dr. Leekie is a little nervous when she suggests her “new lab” is really just a clone monitoring station.  Clonesbians fo’ life!

Monitor Watch

Who IS Mrs. S?! I still don’t know.  Is she good? Is she bad? Why is she trying to take Kira away, and what’s really up with Kira and why does she know so much?

Other categories as appropriate

Honorable Mention: Monitor Watch – Donny, Alison’s husband.  So now that we’re SURE he’s currently a monitor.  Was he always or is he just taking over for dearly departed Ainsley?  When Alison traps and catches him following her, we’re pretty sure a seasoned Monitor would have been better at hiding, right?

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