What Else is On? April 23-29, 2014

Ann RIchards
Ann RIchards

Television prominently features women this week, such as Governor Ann Richards, a neurologist, best friends, and a Bad Teacher. Here’s what else is on TV.

Thursday, April 24

Bad Teacher — This adaptation of the Cameron Diaz movie of the same name stars Ari Graynor as the misanthropic Meredith Davis. All she wants is to land a rich husband, so we’ll see if this passes the Bechdel test, I guess. The show is single cam, which means it will take over the designated single cam comedy slot on the CBS lineup at 9:30pm.

Black Box — Taking over the Scandal slot is this new medical procedural. Kelly Reiley plays Catherine Black1, a neurologist who suffers from bipolar disorder but is able to crack tough medical cases. Sadly, TV’s bottomless chum bucket has claimed Vanessa Redgrave. Haul ass to Lollapalooza (ABC) at 10pm.

Sunday, April 27

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver — Daily Show correspondent and Community cast member John Oliver hosts this comedy talk show which recaps the week’s news. Given his background, I’m sure it’ll be just fine. Catch it on HBO at 11pm.

Monday, April 28

All About Ann: Governor Richards of the Lone Star State — There once was a time when the governor of Texas was a liberal democrat. No, I’m serious! This documentary recounts the life of Ann Richards, who was governor from 1991-1995 and a firecracker on the political scene. The documentary debuts on HBO at 9pm.

Tuesday, April 29

Playing House — USA debuts another original scripted series with this comedy. Two best friends reunite to prepare for a new baby when the husband skips town. See if it is worth playing along at 10pm.

  1. Seriously?  

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