Clone Club Minutes: Orphan Black is Back!

Sarah vs. Rachel in the Season Premiere of Orphan Black
Orphan Black (Photo: BBC America)

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 1: Nature Under Constraint and Vexed — The Clone Club is back in session, this week’s mystery Where’s Kira?

The first meeting of this Clone Club season will now come to order.  To catch you up, we’ve lost a few and gained a few and Sarah’s on the run again.  Basically… Sarah’s running since finding Kira and Mrs. Missing from their home after she and her “Mom” killed Evil Clone #1, Helena.  Through the course of this week’s episode, Evil Clone #2 Rachel Duncan and her Neolutionist dudes at the Dyad Institute let Sarah believe they have Kira long enough to trick her into pretending to be Cosima, kissing Delphine and sneaking into a Dyad Institute gala to confront Rachel.  Speaking o’ Cosima.  Homegirl is sick and she doesn’t know why.  So Delphine is helping her, or is she, get samples of her DNA to the lab for further testing.  Meanwhile Alison has stopped popping pills, and then clearly starts again, and somewhere in the middle meets up with her drug dealer turned gun dealer who is basically a college kid working at a department store.  Alison is kidnapped, for two seconds, and then released, by the same people who ACTUALLY (we think?) kidnapped Kira, also working for/with Helena’s group of Prolethians.  Speaking of whom…

Clone of the Week: HELENA

Friends, HELENA IS ALIVE.  I’m not sure how, or why, but just when you think we’re moving on, home girl pops up at the end of the episode. She walks right into a hospital, bloody and beaten and calmy tells a nurse “I’ve been shot.”  Right, you HAVE been shot, to death, so why aren’t you dead?

Monitor Watch: DELPHINE

I’m keeping an eye on Delphine.  Dr. Leekie is trying to get Cosima to work for him and we’re not quite sure if he knows that she knows that he’s bad to the bone, but Delphine definitely knows that she knows that he is keeping tabs on her.  Delphine may seem helpful and loving and caring, and when she kisses Sarah-disguised-as-Cosima and can tell the difference, we might just believe her.

Honorable Mention: LITTLE BOY ON THE BUS

Sarah sits next to a little boy on the bus, still running from the- well, everyone who’s after her.

Sarah: Can I borrow your phone?

Little boy: Can I touch your boob?

She gets the phone, but that little boy had to get an honorable mention.

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