5 Awesome Things About the Scandal Finale

Scandal (Photo: Ron Tom / ABC)
Scandal (Photo: Ron Tom / ABC)

In case you missed it, the Scandal Finale was full of action, suspense and intrigue.  Shonda and co. really threw everything they had at this finale, and we’re happy to say Thank You!

Here’s how the Scandal Finale went down:

The bomb wasn’t at the campaign rally, it’s at the church, and luckily Jake and co. are able to make the call and get it evacuated before the explosion.  Fitz isn’t hasn’t arrived yet because Cyrus is a monster and convinced him the funeral has been pushed back 30 minutes when really he knows that bomb is going to blow up Sally Langston, and everyone else already in attendance, but yes, Jake saves the day.

Olivia, and now Fitz, know Mellie was raped by Papa Grant.  It feels like a relief for everyone.  

Huck and Quinn are now officially having an affair and her B613 ‘boyfriend’ leaves Huck the parting gift of the whereabouts of his family.  Their doing well, living in a nice house on a nice street and Huck doesn’t want to mess with that, until he musters up enough courage to knock on the door like he hasn’t been gone for years. The stunned looked on his wife’s face says it all.  

In Medical Mayhem news – Papa Pope is in the hospital after Mama Pope stabbed him.  But he’s apparently also running the epic B613 empire from his rolling bed.  Little Jerry collapses at a campaign event and later dies in the same hospital where Papa Pope is recovering.  We find out that he was injected with a deadly strain of bacterial meningitis and are lead to believe Mama Pope is responsible.  Cue Harrison figuring out that really Mama Pope was in the terrorism business for the money not the murder and that Papa Pope is behind Fitz Jr.’s death, aided by the Secret Service Agent who is also B613.  And in an epic monologue only worthy of Papa Pope, he explains that he’s fulfilled all of his promises: He got the President to make him Command Again (by agreeing to find Jr.’s killer), he got Olivia on that plane out of town to keep her safe (even if she did take Jake with her), he recaptured Mama Pope and stuck her back in her cell, he didn’t hurt a hair on the President’s head as he told Liv and all from the comforts of a DC Hospital bed.  

and now some other awesomeness:

1) ‘You be Jesus, you go in there and be Jesus.’ Sally Langston’s Chief of Staff’s words of wisdom to her as she barely escaped the bomb and then returns the scene to tend to the injured.  The President’s split screen briefing preempted full screen on-scene Langston press conference.–

2) Alcoholic Mellie is the best Mellie, like Mellie without a filter…without a filter.

3) Abby and Harrison walking in on Huck and Quinn getting down to, ahem, business on the Pope and Associates Conference Room Table

4) Liv does a very bad-good thing in telling Fitz that his father raped Mellie.  He goes to Mellie…and so help me if Bellamy Young doesn’t win an Emmy this year!

5) Monsters.  When Fitz Jr. dies Olivia admits her first thought is that they’ll win the election.  But Fitz is out for Mama Pope’s blood and Papa Pope is on board to help.

Honorable Mention: The saga continues – The President can’t possibly leave Mellie now, knowing what he knows and their son having passed away, so then Olivia is off to who knows where with Jake in tow.  How long do you think it’ll take Fitz and Liv to really start missing each other?  My guess is, September!  We’ll meet back here then.

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