Survivor Cagayan Recap: I Think I’m Paranoid

Time to vote. Spencer votes for LJ, crossing his fingers that he didn’t get duped by Tony. Spencer sits on his idol after Probst retrieves the urn. The votes are LJ, LJ, LJ1, Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Jeremiah2, Spencer3, and two more for LJ. Morgan and Sarah try to pull their best Eliza faces while Jefra turns to see who flipped. If she’s smart, Brains+1 would be an attractive option.

Next time on Survivor Cagayan: Tony’s paranoia goes full tilt as he tries eavesdrops on every conversation at camp. Could Jefra be his next target? Woo climbs a tree for some food, but he takes a nasty fall. Oh no! Opposite of woo!

  1. Brains+1  
  2. The women of Solana  
  3. LJ  

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