Survivor Cagayan Recap: I Think I’m Paranoid

Day 25. Tasha knows her team is up against the wall, but she only needs two people to flip to give her team control. She casually mentions to LJ she has a proposition for him and asks for him to meet her elsewhere, away from prying eyes. LJ interviews he feels good about his position in the game, uttering the phrase of doom “I feel comfortable.” LJ doesn’t want to send Tony into a berserker rage by pretending to entertain Tasha’s offer, leaving her alone at the rendezvous point.

Immunity Challenge – Day 25

This week’s challenge is the most grueling of tests: remembering a series of colors as Probst prattles on in a game of free association. Rather than using a cube to indicate sequence order, each player has a Connect Four style tower to hold different color tiles. After Probst reveals the sequence, each player drops a tile, with Probst checking the sequence after each drop. It’s tedious, and fortunately we only see the two sequences where players get eliminated. Long story short, Tasha wins immunity, which means her allies Spencer (who has a hidden immunity idol) and Jeremiah are the next targets.


LJ proposes to his team splitting the vote between Spencer and Jeremiah, just in case something weird happens. Well, the something weird that can happen is you have a 3-3-3 tie, which means one of their own will be on the spot in a revote, providing an opportunity to flip.1 The tribe agrees, with the women voting for Jeremiah and the men voting for Spencer.

Or so the women think. Tony tells Woo that LJ wants to blindside him. Woo buys the story, so Tony moves on to Spencer to get the Brains+1 to vote for LJ. Spencer and Jeremiah talk about it and suspect Tony is up to something. They don’t really have anything to lose in voting for LJ, so why not? Tony tries to pitch Trish, but his story is in direct conflict with what she and LJ talked about while Tony was at the spa, namely that Tony is super paranoid about Woo and wants Woo gone. “I am gullible, but I’m not stupid,” Trish interviews. My confidence in her as my pre-show pick for winning grows every week. Kass doesn’t like Tony’s plan from a strategic standpoint, saying it is too early to blindside their own members.

Tribal Council

After Probst “speculates” that Brains+1 are in danger, Kass adds to the equation that everyone is going to have to get a little dirty if they want to win Survivor. Tony says he brought his bag of tricks just in case things get dirty at Tribal Council. I would like to play poker with Tony sometime—he is nothing but a collection of tells. “If there is a tight six,” Tasha asks, “why would Tony bring a bag of tricks?” We do not hear the answer to that question, unfortunately. After LJ rambles about his ability to gauge loyalty, Tony lies to Probst about his profession. “I think this Brady Bunch is about to get dysfunctional,” Trish surmises.

  1. Unlikely, but why create the opportunity?  

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