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Survivor Cagayan Recap: I Think I'm Paranoid | What Else is On

Survivor Cagayan Recap: I Think I’m Paranoid

Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)

Survivor: Cagayan Episode 8: “Bag of Tricks” — Paranoia hits the beach at Solarrion as too much comfort in numbers creeps into gameplay. 

Previously on Survivor Cagayan: Tony and LJ wasted their immunity idols on each other. Kass defected, so there’s a pretty solid alliance of six ready to Pagong the Aparri 2.0 portion of the Solarrion tribe. Morgan was the latest victim, and now it’s Tasha, Spencer, and Jeremiah against Solana 2.0.

Prologue – Night 22

Tony, after knocking down everyone’s torches back at camp, hassles Spencer for trying to vote him out. “Tell me it’s a compliment,” Tony heckles. Maybe if Spencer wasn’t so twerpy I could consider taking his side, but this is the umpteenth fight this season where I’m rooting for a bat attack.

Tony’s behavior the night before causes Trish and LJ to speculate on where Tony’s head is. An overwhelming alliance is great if you can stay free of paranoia and impatience, two qualities Tony has never demonstrated. In an interview, Tony reveals his grand plan: convince LJ of the paranoid fantasy Woo has an idol, then use LJ’s paranoia as a means to get the rest of the tribe to vote out the Beauty tribe member. That seems overly complicated.

Reward Challenge – Day 23

Solarrion receives a clue about a possible spa day for the winners of the next reward challenge. Tony interviews his need to control the game with an iron fist, so he needs to win the spa day so he can monitor any strategy talk away from camp. At this point, I’m secretly hoping Tony develops some Howard Hughes tendencies. Can we christen the spyshack Spruce Goose II?

The challenge splits the tribe into teams of three. One player has to toss a ball with a rope attached through a hoop to dislodge a bin holding bean bags. Once the bags drop, another player has to throw the bag into/through a burlap tunnel (similar to the ones from Redemption Island last season). After the bags are tossed, the team can manipulate the ones that didn’t clear the tunnel through the pathway. After all 20 bags clear, one person tosses the bags against a trampoline to try to land one in each of five baskets. The team of Tony, Spencer and Jeremiah take an early lead and never give it up, winning a spa getaway. We’ll see how relaxing it is with Tony there.

Camp Life

Back at camp Woo laments not winning the prize (which included chicken wraps) with some delightful narration. He has not gotten enough screen time this season. LJ, Trish and Jefra talk shop, specifically how Tony’s paranoia is proving to be a liability. The concern is that if they stray away from staying as six and allow Tasha, Spencer or Jeremiah to make it to the end, one of those three will win the game. Trish says she might be able to talk Tony down from the ledge. Bless your heart, Trish.

At the spa, Spencer interviews he wants to get a sense of where Tony’s head is at. Tony spins some yarns and both Spencer and Jeremiah smile and nod politely, knowing full well Tony is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

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