RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Glamazon by Colorevolution; Drag Queens of Comedy

Darienne starts the show and actually does a good job! She is very pleasing to the elderly, even when she asks if they came in on the ark. Courtney sings a song about the gays of West Hollywood, and I do not enjoy it much. Adore swears too much, bless her heart. It’s reminiscent of Detox in the RuPaul Roast. Miss Crème flits from one joke to the next too quickly, like she’s afraid to allow any silence. You could tell people wanted to laugh at her “moist area” comment but she didn’t give them any time. The poor thing gets heckled and quickly rushes off the stage.

Laganja has a giant pink wig and tells a string of weed jokes and lame Alyssa Edwards catchphrases. It is truly horrifying. She even calls out an elderly woman’s dry vagina in the audience. Trinity has to follow that disaster and does well with her “growing up poor” material. Joslyn is not very funny, bless her heart, but her comic timing isn’t bad. Bianca naturally kills it at the end by reading audience members in a funny way. Thank goodness we get to end on a high note!

The judges critique the girls all in a row. They love Darienne’s standup. Courtney’s song should have been funnier, but it’s smart to play to her strengths. Michelle loves Adore’s character but they want her to have more faith in her talent and rely less on F-bombs. Miss Crème still needs to step out of her character and show them who she really is. Laganja was not funny whatsoever. Finally, Michelle calls her out for being affected. Laganja is so defensive and it gets a little scary. More on that later. Trinity has overcome her inner saboteur, which moves Ru to tears. Michelle thinks it was a mistake for Joslyn to perform right before Bianca, which is a bizarre criticism. Bianca is amazing and quick-witted, and Bruce says she’s the real deal.

Bianca Del Rio, of course, is the winner of the challenge. In the bottom two are Laganja Estranja and Joslyn Fox, who lip-synch to “Stupid Girls” by Pink. There is an incredible moment where Laganja is trying to stand out from Joslyn by doing a jump split, and Joslyn does it at the exact same time, totally taking the moment away from Laganja. That element of surprise keeps Joslyn around and sends Laganja (still begging “don’t send me home”) packing. Good riddance to bad drag queens.

If you did not watch Untucked this week, you missed a huge part of Laganja’s narrative as an entitled little bore-whore. In every Untucked episode, Laganja ends up sobbing hysterically because people aren’t paying enough attention to her. This week, after creepily mimicking along with Alyssa’s video message in the Gold Bar, she seems to actually have a nervous breakdown because the girls find her affected personality annoying. She gets hyper-emotional and starts shaking uncontrollably, and it’s so awkward to watch. At one point she stomps out of the room and demands to be sent home, and none of the other queens bother comforting her. That tells you all you need to know about her popularity with these girls. Adios, Laganja, and please stop this spoiled teenager shit. The Glamazon makeup commercial shoot is over.

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