RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Glamazon by Colorevolution; Drag Queens of Comedy

Ru tells the girls the main challenge is a “good old-fashioned comedy show.” I always enjoy this challenge. It really helps us see which queens best cope with disastrous personal failure. Joslyn’s reward is that she gets to choose the lineup order. The girls get right to work on jokes and Courtney tries to skew Joslyn’s choices. That shady, shady queen.

Later on, Laganja literally sits under the table in an effort to get more attention. And she is writing a string of weed jokes that are not whatsoever funny. It’s like a train wreck in slow motion. Miss Crème accurately points out that the judges think she is hiding behind a character, but get a load of Laganja. Adore says this is not the Laganja that she has come to know.

Ru comes in for the WalkthRu and asks Miss Crème if she’s nervous. She admits that she is more of a character than a joke queen. Hopefully this challenge will let her true self shine. Bianca hopes that she can write good jokes and not just be funny off the cuff. Meanwhile, Trinity has regressed a bit and is less confident than she was last week. Ru hopes she can unblock herself and give it her best. Ru ends the WalkthRu by announcing that the audience will be a senior citizens group. “Make ‘em laugh!” Oh my god. Laganja is screwed.

Joslyn tells the girls the order she chose: Darienne, Courtney, Adore, Miss Crème, Laganja, Trinity, Joslyn, and Bianca will close the show. This is a great order, actually, and not shady at all. Making someone follow Bianca, now that would have been shady.

No runway this week, we just go straight to the challenge. Guest judges this week are Jaime Pressly and Bruce Vilanch. Hashtag: Drag Queens of Comedy!

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