RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Glamazon by Colorevolution; Drag Queens of Comedy

The queens return to the runway, where Adore and Laganja are declared the winners! In the bottom two are Miss Crème and Darienne, who lip-synch to “Point of No Return” by Expose. Both girls turn it out the best they can, and after scaring the crap out of Miss Crème, Ru decides to spare them both. No elimination! Can I get an amen?

Except not. We learn quickly into Untucked as well as the second episode of the evening that Darienne is miffed at not sending home Miss Crème. Buy a ladder and get over it, lady, the way all of America is over your irrational hatred of the bitch. Also addressed are Courtney’s rather condescending remarks about Joslyn. Her offers to help are patronizing at best, and it is disappointing how one-dimensional Courtney is coming across this week. Hopefully she can redeem herself.

Laganja enters the Werkroom first (doesn’t she always?) wearing a non-smoking sign on her head. Bianca has had it officially with her “mama” talk and they all praise the Lord when a masturbation-themed SheMail interrupts it. I really hope that’s not the challenge. Ru enters and explains the actual mini-challenge: lip-synch upside down! Which requires applying hair and eyes to your chin to make a little googly-eyed face. The final product is both hilarious and hypnotizing. Adore’s eyeballs falling off is probably the highlight of the whole thing. Joslyn is declared the winner.

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