RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Glamazon by Colorevolution; Drag Queens of Comedy

The next day, the girls discuss their upcoming runway looks. Poor Joslyn is being read to filth for being a second-rate Courtney, which I don’t see at all. They are nothing alike. I am so confused. Bianca and Trinity share a beautiful moment, or as beautiful as any moment can be when you say “bitch” a lot. They have both learned how to have confidence and patience when working with someone who is different from you. Hugs all around! But do not call Bianca collect. She will choke you.

Runway! Ru welcomes the guest judges, actresses Lainie Kazan and Leah Remini. This week’s runway theme: black and white!

Laganja Estranja is wearing a corset and sheer skirt with self-professed lizard-like makeup. She seems to have found Gia’s wonky eyelash. Plus she has sensitive eyes that turn bright red at the slightest provocation, and they are red as hell right now. The judges hate her look.

Adore Delano is wearing a little sparkly minidress and a hot black and white wig. Great legs! Michelle Visage thinks she looks amazing, and that she really carried the commercial, which was excellent.

Bianca Del Rio has on a lovely black and white ballgown. In the commercial she is flawless as the CEO and mother of two doll babies that she tosses around haphazardly. The entire panel loves the performance and Trinity gives Bianca credit for helping her out in the challenge.

Trinity K. Bonet looks stunning in a dice-print dress. She is painted for the gods tonight. Her confidence in the commercial is amazing, and refreshing to see. The condoms in the bra are a delightful touch! The judges enjoy it but there is some debate over whether the lip gloss stayed on during the trick. Yes, it did, because this is Glamazon by Colorevolution we’re talking about!

BenDeLaCreme is wearing an evil queen dress with a crazy collar. It’s a bit costume-y, but that is Miss Crème’s aesthetic. Michelle wants to know who Miss Crème is as a person, and is sick of the costumes. Lainie thinks her wig looks like a penis wrapped in a bandage, which: BWAH!

Darienne Lake has on a sparkly top and a black skirt. She looks good in it but it’s not terribly thrilling. Their commercial seems to be more about surgery or drugs than about makeup, and the judges don’t like it much.

Courtney Act has a menswear-inspired top over a sparkly swimsuit with a matching headpiece and a rainbow fish on a platter. This complicated description feels very much like an ode to Milk. Santino loves her look but thinks the commercial needs to more clearly state that it’s for makeup.

Joslyn Fox is serving lingerie under menswear with no wig and a top hat. Uh oh, it’s basically the same outfit she wore last week. Michelle reads her the house down for that.

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