RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Glamazon by Colorevolution; Drag Queens of Comedy

Ben DeLaCreme and Darienne Lake
RuPaul's Drag Race (Photo: Logo)

A Ru-persized night of RuPaul’s Drag Race gives us a makeup commercial challenge and the Drag Queens of Comedy! Featuring an elderly audience!

Settle in, my beautiful little chickens, because when you have two hours of RuPaul’s Drag Race and one hour of Untucked (featuring a LOT of Crazy Laganja), there is much to talk about. Grab some provisions, such as an Absolut cocktail and some Tic-Tacs.

Awww, remember Milk, you guys? So sad that she is gone. The girls discuss their critiques and Bianca tries to be the “Trinity Whisperer” and help her understand that her constant excuses aren’t helping. Hopefully she’ll get an even better opportunity to help Trinity in the main challenge, huh?

Ru enters the next day for the mini-challenge, which is about making fruits and vegetables sexy. Not entirely in the way you’re thinking, but sort of. The queens put on elaborate fake nails and stroke plants until Ru arbitrarily picks Laganja as the winner. Yikes. Her reward will be extra time to film during the main challenge: creating 30-second commercials for RuPaul’s new makeup line, Glamazon by Colorevolution. Ru pairs up the teams in a totally shady way: Laganja and Adore, marketing towards teen mean girls; Courtney and Joslyn, targeting hot mamas; Bianca and Trinity, for working girls; and Miss Crème and Darienne marketing towards cougars. Not too many queens are totally thrilled with the pairings.

Adore and Laganja already encounter difficulty when Laganja sucks at writing lines. Joslyn is totally starstruck working with Courtney, despite the fact that Courtney is kind of a bitch to her. It’s sad to watch. Ru’s WalkthRu is rather awkward. Miss Crème and Darienne have a very tense working relationship that consists of Darienne hating Miss Crème, who is baffled by it. As for their commercial, they are planning to focus on surgically augmented cougars that need a “fresh coat of paint.” Hope this doesn’t turn cartoonish. Spoiler alert. Bianca and Trinity will be a CEO and a hooker, respectively. Trinity once again half-heartedly vows to try. Ru calls her out on it and Bianca promises to help Trinity with her confidence.

First on the set are Adore and Laganja, who look spectacular in their mean teen outfits. Adore legit looks like a beautiful, stupid 16-year-old. It’s incredible. They do a good job but Laganja needs a bit of hand-holding. Honestly, I think Laganja got too many hugs growing up. Meanwhile, Adore’s ditzy facial expressions are giving me life. Courtney and Joslyn have a pretty dull commercial, which makes sense because I am 100% certain drag queens think stay-at-home moms have dull lives. If you aren’t getting dollar bills shoved into your shapewear by sweaty bears, you aren’t really “living.”

Miss Crème and Darienne are going for humor and it’s just not landing. Also, they are not selling the product. Child, no. Bianca is nervous about Trinity’s performance, and is such a great cheerleader for her. Trinity struggles with enunciation at first, but channels her inner Bianca and has fun with the shoot. Which she should, since she’s playing a “professional ho.”

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