5 Awesome Things from Nashville’s Parents’ Week Starring Beverly O’Connor

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This week’s installment showcases some of the best and worst parents in Nashville. Hint: Beverly O’Connor is a winner.After finding out that Megan slept with Teddy, Deacon trashes his house in search of his trusty whiskey bottle. Luke apologizes to Rayna for reacting so poorly to the news about Maddie being Deacon’s daughter, admitting he was always jealous of drunk, jerky Deacon from the old days. Moments later, Rayna learns her daughter’s “Maddie Claybourne” Youtube video went viral and now the entire world knows Deacon is her real dad. Despite putting on some knockout shows at the end of her tour, Juliette still can’t get any love from country music radio. Manager Glenn suggests she hit up her former married lover/media mogul Charlie Wentworth. Gunnar and Zoey are mega stoked when he gets his first $400K royalty check; he wants to fly her to Paris for dinner but when she reminds him she has backup singer auditions, he helps her record a fancy demo instead. Scarlett’s mom Beverly shows up uninvited at the Chicago tour stop, which makes Blondie super squirrelly. Avery is surprisingly supportive of Juliette seeking Charlie’s help, while Charlie is unsurprisingly horny and expecting Jules to sleep with him. When the press swarm Maddie and Daphne as they’re leaving school, Rayna realizes this scandal won’t go away with a simple “mind your own business” press release. She tracks Deacon down at his summer cabin of lost dreams, where he ISN’T drunk (twist!). But when she says they need to make a press appearance with Teddy to talk about Maddie, he refuses. This is how Rayna discovers that her ex-husband slept with her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend. Zoey’s fancy new demo is so successful that a talent agent tells her she oughta look for work in L.A. But Gunnar doesn’t want that, so he offers to be her sugar daddy until she finds work in Nashville. Then he takes offense when she uses the term “sugar daddy”. Mo’ money, mo’ problems, mo’ drama. Here are five awesome things from this week’s extra messy Nashville.

Rayna’s single biggest failure as a parent Silly Rayna thinks just because Maddie took down the Youtube video, that means nobody saw it. What a fogey! When manager Bucky alerts her, she flips on the telly to find her daughter the latest hot topic on The View. You know shit’s really bad when Barbara Walters begins with, “Well it’s really none of our business who this girl’s father is, is it?” Yeah, like that’s gonna stop you. Pretty soon Sherri Shepherd is gesticulating and Whoopi is begging everyone to forget the drama and just focus on the girl’s talent. And then the giant screen behind them lights up with Maddie’s video, captioned “Maddie Claybourne or Conrad?” Forget that Chris Rock bit about keeping your daughter off the pole. Being dissected by this panel of fools might be a fate worse than sex work.

But if you wanna see a REALLY terrible mom in action, meet Beverly O’Connor At first she’s fake happy to see Scarlett, bringing her some weird airport snow globe (from Mississippi?). But that’s just a veneer for her intense jealousy. When Beverly meets Juliette, she’s all like, “Hey, you toured with my brother Deacon and now you’re touring with my kid, we’re like family. Guess you’re gonna have to tour with me!” When Jules asks if she’s in the business, Bev claims she missed her break on account of getting saddled down with You Know Who. And then, when Beverly hears about Deacon being Maddie’s dad, she flips out, makes it all about her own victimhood (because no one told her she had a niece – boo-freaking-hoo) and blames Scarlett for not telling her (“Betrayed by my own daughter!”). When Scarlett starts bawling, that’s when the real Beverly emerges. “You little brat, shut up. You make me sick!” Sorry, Tandy, you’ve been displaced. There’s a new Worst in town, everybody!

Scarlett’s passive-aggressive serenade of the week Scarlett arrives at soundcheck to find tight jeans Beverly rocking out with the backup band. What a creep. Blondie calmly waits her turn, sits at the piano, says, “This is for you, mama,” then busts into her new Mom Sucks anthem “Black Roses”. All those great lyrics – “You can throw your words, sharper than a knife, and leave me cold in another house on fire” – take on a special meaning when Beverly’s taut-with-rage face is juxtaposed against Scarlett’s larger than life image on the screen behind her. Sure, mom makes her pay with the guilt trip of the new millennium, leading to Scarlett’s whiskey-soaked, onstage nervous breakdown in the final scene. Still, that serenade was probably Scarlett’s most likable moment.

The forgotten child has feelings, too Like any right-minded, sullen teenager who wants to ruin her parents lives, Maddie has no apologies for Rayna or Teddy. But she can’t get past Daphne’s silent treatment. Remember Daphne, the other daughter with a killer voice? You may have lost track of her because she is definitely Teddy’s daughter and therefore void of juicy drama. Well, it turns out she’s sick of her big sis’s melodramatic schtick. So Maddie says she’s sorry. And in that sweet making up moment, they reprise their duet of The Lumineers “Ho Hey”. Dammit, girls! You’re gonna make me cry and you’re gonna make me like that song.

World’s Best (Biological) Dad Rayna and Teddy are getting ready for their live interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts when Deacon arrives at the last minute. Is he drunk? Is he gonna go rogue?? Is he gonna punch Teddy in the face??? A quick exchange with Rayna reveals he’s sober so OF COURSE he’s going to be the gallant hero who saves the day. He quickly explains on air, “I am the biological father of Rayna’s oldest daughter, so why was she raised by another man? It’s because I’m an alcoholic. That’s actually probably too nice a word for it. Back then I was just a plain old drunk. Rayna tried more times than I care to admit, she tried to get me into rehab, get me fixed up. But I just wasn’t ready to be a father.” And just like that the scandal is diffused, at least as far as Rayna, Teddy and the girls are concerned. When Luke nearly punches a hole through the passenger seat of his luxury SUV, it appears not everyone is so hot on Deacon’s act of chivalry.

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