Survivor Cagayan Recap: I’m on Survivor, I’m Gonna Give Up


Surprise: everyone picked up on the “Top Five!” comment. For Sarah, she sees this as confirmation she is no longer part of her former tribe. Alexis sees this as confirmation Solana believe they have Jeremiah under their wing. She tries to parlay this into convincing Spencer (and the rest of the Brains) to get rid of him, but Spencer can’t shake the feeling Alexis might be a problem. The upcoming real merge has also become a point of concern, so the vote could be a make-or-break decision for the future of the new Aparri tribe.

Tribal Council

Sarah gets the obligatory “Fire Represents Life” speech, as mandated by the Tribal Council Bylaws. 1 Probst points out the Brains trio may make Sarah a pivotal swing vote, but then the Beauties reveal their splinters. Morgan shares her distrust of Jeremiah following the vote to get rid of Brice. Sarah mentions the “Top Five” incident and how she should be considered a free agent at this point. Alexis debunks Sarah slightly, saying that there are connections to the other tribe through herself, Sarah, and Jeremiah. Well, no. Sarah’s reasoning is rather convincing, you’ve completely discounted Morgan, and following up your claim by condescending to Jeremiah that “he doesn’t understand” is not doing you any favors.

Time to vote. Alexis votes Jeremiah and he returns the favor. Jeff asks for Hidden Immunity Idols, but we know no one on this tribe has one. Probst reads the votes. Jeremiah. Alexis. We know that. Alexis. Her eyes bug out. Two more votes for Alexis, which means all the votes were for Alexis. After she gets snuffed, we hear Alexis whimpering on the pathway out of Tribal Council. Probst suggests this vote may mean team unity. But will it hold?

Next time on Survivor Cagayan: “Is that a rowboat?” It is, because it is time to MERGE! Although Aparri has the advantage at 6-5, that sixth vote belongs to Sarah. Or should I say Super Swing Sarah?

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