Survivor Cagayan Recap: I’m on Survivor, I’m Gonna Give Up

Camp Life Day 15


Woo, Tony, and the Aparri tribe return to camp. Woo and Tony step down to the shore to read their scroll. Although the prize for the challenge was described as a “raid,” the scroll instructs the guys to choose one set of items from a provided list. Inside the scroll is another scroll with the Hidden Immunity Idol clue for Solana beach. After reading the clue, Tony comes up with a plan to publicly give the clue to Jeremiah. Knowing Jeremiah can’t do anything with the clue, the endgame is to stir up paranoia on Aparri so they vote him out. That’s…an intriguing idea. I think Tony may be overestimating Jeremiah’s threat level, but I admire the use of paranoia as a weapon. The guys return to the beach, stake their claim on some comfort items and Aparri’s fishing gear, then say there was a bonus instruction requiring the guys to give an HII clue to a Solana member. They separate Jeremiah from the tribe before handing over the clue, increasing the paranoia.

Later, after Woo and Tony have left, Alexis bends Spencer’s ear on her suspicions regarding Jeremiah. Must of her suspicions border on slander, such as “he’s so dumb, he doesn’t know how to lie.” Hey Alexis, much like with Lindsey’s comments from earlier, they say more about you than the person you are slagging. Spencer smiles and nods, but confides in an interview he doesn’t trust Alexis all that much. Jeremiah catches up with the two to assure them that he is not in cahoots with the other tribe. He says the clue is the same Solana HII clue he and Alexis saw previously before bringing up the cogent point “we lost: why would we get a clue?” Alexis and Spencer, for whatever reason, do not buy that logic.


A note has been written in the sand on Solana beach: “Shame on you Lindsie.”1 Boosh. Tony and Woo return with the gear, bouncing up and down like seven-year-olds because of their HII stunt. Tony recaps what happened and Trish thinks it’s hilarious. Jefra and LJ seem dubious. Tony then reveals to everyone he’s a cop, which adds another ping to LJ’s radar. He wonders why Tony thinks admitting an inconsequential lie is supposed to make him more trustworthy. I’m starting to wish I had picked LJ in my pre-game selection.

Immunity Challenge Day 16

This week’s Immunity Challenge begins with giant nail-shaped posts that have to be placed in holes in a certain order to create a staircase to a bamboo maze. Once the tribe gets through the maze, someone has to untie a gate to a slide so everyone can get out. After the maze, one tribe member will guide a key through a rope maze, then use the key to unlock a machete. The machete will be used to chop a rope holding a trap door to some puzzle pieces. Two tribe members will assemble the puzzle, which will reveal a combination. The first team to enter the correct combination will release their flag and win immunity.

Aparri takes an early lead, assembling the steps correctly on their first try. Solana is not far behind, catching up with the other team at the gate/slide. Jeremiah and Tony race through the rope maze, but Jeremiah scoots ahead a bit faster and has no trouble with the machete. Aparri works on the puzzle while Tony struggles with the lock to the machete. He chops through and Solana starts working on the puzzle. Aparri has the first number, but gets stuck on the second number. The digit font is such that a number could be a 2 or an upside down 7 as the pieces slide into the puzzle. Solana figures out the second number is 67 instead of 29 before Aparri does, giving them the edge and eventually the win. As they celebrate, Tony brays “Top Five! Top Five!” Hmmm.

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