Survivor Cagayan Recap: I’m on Survivor, I’m Gonna Give Up

Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)

Survivor: Cagayan Episode 5: “We Found Our Zombies” — The fallout from Cliff’s ouster has immediate consequences while paranoia is used as a weapon.

Previously on Survivor Cagayan: A mini-merge moved the Brains tribe onto the Brawn beach, the Brawn tribe (except Sarah) to the Beauty beach, and Jeremiah, Alexis and Morgan to Brawn beach. Aparri (Brains/Half-Beauty/Sarah) has more than half the tribe ready to flip and join Team Brains. Solana lost the immunity challenge, but a majority of Brawns should have made it easy sailing. Trish decided to invite new tribe members Jefra and LJ to join her and Tony to get rid of Cliff. The plan worked, much to Woo and Lindsey’s shock and dismay.

Prologue Night 14

Solana returns to camp following Tribal. Trish tries to call everyone’s attention to say something or brag or apologize. Instead, she and Lindsey start arguing and share their true feelings for one another. Trish tells Lindsey she respects her but doesn’t like her. That’s fair. Lindsey says she hates Trish’s mouth and her face. That’s unfair, and says a LOT about Lindsey. No one intervenes, which is probably the smartest way to play this situation.

Later, we rejoin Lindsey as she sits alone on the beach. Probst exits the woods to talk to Lindsey. Uh oh. Lindsey tells Jeff she’s concerned she will flip out on Trish and does not want her daughter to see that kind of behavior. Therefore, Lindsey would like to leave the game. Probst feels the need to make this An Historic Event by saying this is the first time someone has quit based on behavior that might happen down the road. Probst asks how to inform the tribe of her decision. He suggests she tell them herself 1, but Lindsey says she will “curtsy” at the beach and then head out. Lindsey is the worst.

Probst visits the tribe and tells them what happened. LJ offers his assessment of the situation to the group: “It was a huge volatile zit ready to pop.” Uh, thanks for that imagery, I guess. Woo looks a lot less “Woo!” as he has gone from a Final 3 setup to bottom of the totem pole in about four hours. Credits.

Reward Challenge Day 15

The tribes arrive at a fenced in area on the beach. Probst introduces the new Solana to Aparri. The latter tribe cannot contain their excitement that the advantage is now 7-5. The challenge is a repeat of one from Survivor: Philippines, where each player has to balance a statue on a handheld pedestal while trying to knock off their opponent’s idol. The first tribe to four points gets to send two of their members to the losing tribe’s camp to steal supplies. The challenge goes six rounds, with Solana scoring the final point. They decide to send Woo and Tony to Aparri since they already know their way around the beach. Probst hands the guys a scroll to read when they arrive at Aparri.

  1. Subtext: be a friggin’ adult  

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