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Improbable? Index: The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 - The Grove | What Else is On

Improbable? Index: The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 – The Grove

The Walking Dead (Photo: AMC)
The Walking Dead (Photo: AMC)

On The Walking Dead, you never know when someone is going to snap. One character does in this episode. Spectacularly!

We can all agree that there are certain aspects of AMC’s The Walking Dead that seem a little, shall we say, far-fetched. The most improbable of these scenarios will be reviewed here each week.

Mildly Improbable

The gas stove still works? Nice. The pilot light was still lit? No way. At least show Carol using a match on it.

Tyreese should not hesitate to put down walkers just because Lizzie (of all people) says so. Homegirl is cray-cray!

Pretty Improbable

Carol finally admits that she killed Karen and David, and Tyreese forgives her in three seconds. I guess he’s just that nice a guy. Figured he’d be pissed for at least a few days about it!

Extremely Improbable

Why put Mika in charge of the gun and Lizzie in charge of the baby? That is exactly the opposite of what is logical. Mika can’t shoot anything and Lizzie tried to smother the baby last time.


After screaming at Carol for killing her “playmate,” it is clear that Lizzie needs to die. She is a massive liability. Murdering Mika and “just about to” murder Judith really put this character over the top. I was not sad to see Carol kill her.

“Too Long, Didn’t Watch” Episode Recap

Carol, Tyreese and the kids find a house in the middle of nowhere and decide to stay for a while. Lizzie, however, is becoming more and more deranged, which culminates in her killing her sister Mika to prove her point. Which is…the walkers are people, too? The adults see what needs to be done and Carol shoots Lizzie dead. Carol then confesses to killing Karen and David, and Tyreese forgives her. They take Judith move on towards Terminus. Next week, we are still en route to the sanctuary. Let’s see who else dies!

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