Eurovision First Listen: Three Minutes from Georgia with The Shin & Mariko’s “Three Minutes to Earth”

The Shin & Mariko (Photo: Eurovision / EBU)
The Shin & Mariko (Photo: Eurovision / EBU)

Georgia stretches the definition of “song” for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Three Minutes to Earth” by The Shin & Mariko.

Georgia is one of the most experimental countries in the Eurovision Song Contest. In just the past five years their entries have included disco (2009, if they had competed1), a subtle ballad (2010), nu metal (2011), circus antics (2012), and a power duet (2013). This year’s entry, “Three Minutes to Earth” by The Shin & Mariko, taps into yet another genre: early-to-mid ’90s college dorm jam session:

This seems like the extreme end of the folk infusion taking place in this year’s Contest. Unfortunately, this entry doesn’t really feel like a song, but more of a run-on musical sentence. Reading through the lyrics does not add any cohesion to the piece, instead adding to the rambling. I am curious if this is a poor translation, or an effort to shoehorn as many Eurovision-y elements as possible.2

I would not be surprised if this entry gets scuttled to the front of the lineup for the second semi-final. The opening…ululation?…may work as a call to action at the beginning of the show, which could work in the song’s favor. However, there is not much else memorable about this track.

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  1. Georgia would not change “We Don’t Wanna Put In” which may or may not have been a protest song about host country Russia.  
  2. Rainbows! Togetherness! Outer Space!  

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