5 Awesome Things About Scandal Season 3 Episode 13: No Sun on the Horizon

Scandal (Photo: ABC)
Scandal (Photo: ABC)

This week on Scandal, they. are. all. murderers.

On this week’s episode of Scandal, David Rosen brings Olivia and co the tape of evidence against Sally Langston and first of all Liv’s upset Cyrus didn’t call her.  She heads atraight to Cy and finds out the cover up of Sally’s husband’s murder is true. But in the meantime, the Langston and Grant camps are prepping for a monster debate that could. change. everything.

Over at Acme Limited Paper Company, ahem B613, after Quinn went against Jake’s wishes and trailed Olivia’s father, he sent her back to the bottom of the ladder as the ‘company’s’ receptionist.  But, in Langston-for-President-Land it seems Papa Pope is pulling the strings of the campaign as he makes it clear to her campaign manager he can fire him at any moment.  Now everyone knows Sally killed her husband and she’s ready to tell the world the truth to get back into God’s good graces and everyone else is now trying to stop her and save themselves.  Awesomeness ensues.

The Scandal Monologue.  It opens this episode.  It’s long and the character is speaking fast, but with purpose and the pauses are for both breathing and affect and it tells you something and if you’re really listening it tells you everything.

Sally Langston isn’t prepping for a Presidential Debate she’s prepping for a reckoning.  It’s so bad, or so deep, that her home Church leader is called in to get her back on the best public track.

Everything comes full circle.  The cover up a the various degrees of election rigging is all back in business and now Olivia knows it.

Cyrus’s solution is always the silencer, literally a gun and silencer. When he learns Sally wants to confess her sin to the world his first move is to call B613 and request her early retirement. Unfortunately James and David Rosen are already working behind the scenes.  Jake and his new B613 won’t do the dirty work, he’s protecting the Republic, not the currently seated Republican.

Dunder Mifflin has some competition!  Fans of The Office will be delighted to know paper-making is more than just idling around the coffee maker, it’s far cooler than that. Apparently B613’s front as Acme Limited, a paper company, isn’t entirely a  front and they DO sell paper.

Honorable Mention: Cyrus has been bugged the whole time and the proof is in the picture frame. Well, the bug was in one. So now he might now that his deeply devoted (cough) husband has been the leak in the White House all along.  But somehow Cyrus is the one apologizing. And he should because Jake Ballard set up a faux meeting with James and David Rosen and shoots a reporter and then shoots…

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