The Bachelor: Rules of the Rose Week 10 The Finale

The Bachelor (Photo: ABC)
The Bachelor (Photo: ABC)

Tonight’s the night friends when Juan Pablo reveals who he’s chosen to spend his life, well at least through the live after show.
First Clare and Nikki meet The Bachelor’s family, then they make their pleas on a final date then one of them becomes the next Bachelorette, I mean probably.  But of course it’s not all smooth sailing and Juan Pablo’s family admits the man can be outspoken and insensitive, but it will be up to the final two women if they can handle his ways.  That and their ability to stick to The Rules of The Rose.

Do: Listen carefully when The Bachelor’s MOM says he’s rude.  She said it a couple times and while English isn’t her first language, she chose her words very carefully.  Maybe Clare should look deeper into why Andi left after he was ‘rude’ on their overnight date.

Don’t: Rock a side ponytail.  While clearly Nikki is a lot younger than Clare and even The Bachelor, she looks exceptionally young when meeting his family, a fact that may not have gone unnoticed.

Do: Talk to the other Bachelorettes.  Apparently when Clare was alone with the Bachelor without the cameras he basically told her something akin to the way he talked to Andi when the cameras weren’t around.  Seems he wanted to make sure she knew that he really liked hooking up with her, but chose a different set of words to express that.  Remember when I used to rave about this guy?! Nikki might just get the final rose by being the only woman he didn’t get a chance to offend, yet.  But alas Juan Pablo sweet talks Clare again.  And THAT is why Andi is the next Bachelorette, not YOU, Clare.

Don’t: Bother watching the Live parts of the finale to gain insight into the rules, it’s pointless and the audience looks more bored than Nikki does during her dates with The Bachelor.

Do: Believe him. Realize ‘cautious’ may mean he’s just not that into you. Nikki tells The Bachelor she thinks he’s a little guarded and afraid to open up and his simple reply is, ‘no.’

Don’t: Let him hug you.  That’s right, Clare, when he doesn’t pick you – you don’t have to hug him. But,

Do: Realize you’re on a TV show and competing so even when he says he could see himself with you, maybe he can, but he can also see himself with Nikki, even if he still hasn’t said I love you by the live finale and is vague about their future and eludes to big changes happening.

Well kids, I hope you’ve learned a little something, most importantly how to get a rose, keep getting a rose, and win the title of….the next Bachelorette!

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