RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Episode 2 Recap: RuPaul’s Big Opening Pt. 2

RuPaul's Drag Race (Photo: Logo)
RuPaul's Drag Race (Photo: Logo)

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, we meet the remaining 7 queens. Let’s really dig into Ru’s second big opening, shall we?

Last week on RuPaul’s Drag Race we lost the stunning Kelly Mantle, and we begin this episode with a post-elimination party in the Werkroom. There are balloons, cupcakes, champagne flutes, and cans of silly string. The girls go crazy on all of it, and Vivacious points out that there will now be two built-in cliques with this split season opener. It’s the Heathers and Boogers all over again. If you cannot spot the Booger, the Booger is you. They write “Beware Bitchez” on the mirror for the new group of queens, who will arrive tomorrow. Ru pops her head in and tells them to GTFO. Goodnight, then!

The next day brings the next “bitchez,” who arrive to find the remnants of the party and are very confused, as they should be.

Bianca Del Rio, 37, New York, NY. She is an insult comic, which is the perfect occupation/hobby for a shady-ass queen. Her eyes are insane, but that’s kind of her thing. Bianca is absolutely hilarious and her reads are funny without being mean…take notes, Alyssa Edwards.

Trinity K. Bonet, 22, Atlanta, GA. She calls herself Beyonce but looks and acts like a perfect combination of BeBe Zahara Benet and Lineysha Sparks. She is funny in her interviews but boring as hell in the Werkroom. Girl. The spectators in “Gladiator” are NOT entertained.

Joslyn Fox, 26, Worchester, MA. Extremely fishy and sweet, but seems pretty stupid. Bless her heart. She is giving me Jessica Simpson realness, in a really real way. I would say she should do Jessica Simpson on “Snatch Game,” but I fear she is not clever enough to get why Jessica is funny. Also, Joslyn likes to eat at IHOP, apropos of nothing.

Milk, 25, New York, NY. Super tall (she literally towers over the other queens and must be at least 6’5” barefoot), insane-looking, and she does a body good. Best drag name ever. As a boy, Milk is so incredibly beautiful that I wish I were a gay man. He is totally my type, but I am not his type at all, unless he likes tall, married women with hoots and va-jays and all that. Milk may have toilet paper on her shoe, but it might be part of that “conceptual” thing she’s talking about.

Magnolia Crawford, 28, Seattle, WA. She calls herself “the world’s most glamorous trash queen,” which basically means she thinks she is the drag Dolly Parton, which no, child. No. Dolly Parton is ten times the drag queen you are. Her nose is pointed for the gods and it’s not cute, but it’s her thing. Okay.

Courtney Act, 31, West Hollywood, CA. She is originally from Australia where she is a household name from her stint on Australian Idol. “Caught ‘n ‘e Act” is fish to the extreme. She is so fishy she barely needs any makeup. It looks like all she did was put on mascara. Joslyn already worships her, which is cute.

Darienne Lake, 41, Rochester, NY. Finally, a big girl! We didn’t have one last year (Roxxxy doesn’t count) and Darienne has got personality to make up for the absence. She is by far the prettiest plus-size queen RPDR has ever had, and she seems very confident about her body, which she should because her boobies rival those of Michelle Visage.

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