5 Awesome Things About Scandal Season 3 Episode 12: We Do Not Touch The First Ladies

Scandal (Photo: ABC)
Scandal (Photo: ABC)

Oh, but we do, we DO touch the first ladies, and thank the lord and First Ladies past that Mellie’s finally getting some action, this Week on Scandal.

Here’s what you need to know from last night’s Scandal:

Olivia’s new faux boyfriend is Jake Ballard and Fitz still doesn’t trust anyone with his lady on the side.  And, Mellie’s old suitor, Governor of California and new running mate is coming back stronger than he did over a decade ago.  But he’s still willing to risk his future to cover up her prescription drug problem developed after she was raped by Fitz’s father.  So, yes, Sally Langston is falling off her rocker with the stress of having killed her husband.  But, we still don’t know where Mama Pope is…nope, found her, with Harrison’s old boo, Anan Salif (I’m still not sure of the spelling, we’ll work on that.)  The plot thickens, and awesomeness ensues.

1) Fitz and Olivia are back together-Ish. They at least shared a seemingly colonial-themed hotel room for a night…evening…couple hours.

2) Mellie’s flashback sassy-bob (hairstyle).  It’s like Mellie’s hair has gone back in time as time has gone forward.

3) Did we already know Harrison was guilty of insider trading.  The new girl, well his apparently his old gal pal reveals Olivia’s handsome sidekick was guilty of insider trading, and something much worse, but she won’t specify.

4) “I love it when you go all Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” What’s up with Quinn and B613 Charlie? We still aren’t sure, but Quinn’s not so innocent anymore.

5) The prying eyes of First Ladies past, from their portraits, watch as the future Vice President, and her husband’s new,  old, running mate slips her the tongue.  Go ‘head Mel!

Honorable Mention:  Tom, our dedicated Secret Service Agent and confidant of the Pres, First Lady and ‘Liv is apparently the eyes and ears in the White House for B613.

Next week on Scandal, something rocks the nation’s capital.  We’re not sure what it is, but we do hope it’s awesome!

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