Survivor Cagayan Episode 2: “Cops-R-Us”

Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)

As the song says: rainy days and tribals always get me down. On this week’s Survivor: Cagayan, the teams cope with a monsoon and a growing sense of paranoia within their respective tribes. 

Previously on Survivor Cagayan: 18 new contestants1 were split into three tribes: Brains, Beauty, and Brawn. The previouslies focused on the intrigue of what was happening on Beauty Beach, even though we spent maybe 90 seconds there during last week’s two-hour episode. That’s what we in the biz call “telegraphing.” Team Brains could not get it together and ended up going to Tribal Council twice. Before the second visit, self-appointed leader Garrett decided to hold an open forum to let J’Tia know she would get the boot. This led to the Great Rice Dumping of 2014. Then Garrett ran his mouth at tribal, causing the women to realize he’s bad news and he got snuffed.

Prologue – Night 6

Brains Beach: Spencer knows he’s on borrowed time. Tasha admits she had intended to vote out J’Tia, but Garrett revealing he had side deals with her and Kass caused the last-minute switch. “He’s fun to look at,” Kass adds, “but I didn’t want to play with him.” Maybe the Brains tribe isn’t misnamed.

Brawn Beach: Tony reveals he is super paranoid about everyone. He’s starting to give me a Russell Hantz vibe, if Russell’s strategy went beyond finding barely hidden idols and being thoroughly unlikable. He’s sitting by the fire and calls Sarah over. He comes clean about being a cop, earning Sarah’s trust and confirming her “cop-dar.” Now that he has her under his wing, Tony feeds Sarah a line about how Cliff and Lindsey have been talking smack about her (they haven’t). As they chat, a violent storm moves in. Credits.

Camp Life – Day 7

You know who’s miserable? Everybody. A monsoon hangs over all the beaches, leaving everyone huddled under their less-than-effective shelters. Over on Team Brawn, Woo is excited about what’s happening, since a little rain is what the Survivor experience is about. I expect his name to read “Woo!” by the next episode.

Jefra on Team Beauty seems to be taking the weather the hardest, even though several people have pruned skin from all the water exposure. She’s the most vocal about her complaints, driving her teammates—especially LJ—up the wall. He knows he can’t verbalize his disdain, so he decides to go look for a Hidden Immunity Idol instead. He figures that’s what Morgan was looking for on Day 1 and checks out the shore by the rock wall. After some searching, LJ spots the idol tied to rock underwater. For those keeping score: LJ and Tony each have an idol, while Garrett’s idol is still in his backpack en route to Sequesterville.

Immunity Challenge – Day 8

Brains Beach: Spencer and Kass collect the treemail with information about the upcoming immunity/reward challenge. “You’ll be mazed and confused, this much is true,” the clue reads before going into a non-rhyming explanation of what the challenge will involve. The teams will have to toss water from bucket-to-bucket before engaging with a maze of some sort. The winners will get immunity and shelter of some sort. Tasha wants to practice, but everyone else on the tribe would rather focus on other tasks. “You should want to practice,” Tasha says to Spencer as she quickly moves up my list of favorite contestants ever. Spencer picks up what she’s putting down and they go out to practice water tossing. In a Survivor first, “The Blue Danube” is piped into the practice scene.

  1. The first time that has happened since Survivor: One World in 2012.  

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