5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville Season 2 Episode 16: Guilty Street

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

It’s the week of awesomely gross hookups in Music City. But one choice union makes it all worthwhile

Despite Luke’s concerns, Rayna insists she’s ready to move on from the family drama surrounding Lamar’s death. Two minutes later, Bucky informs her that her CFO/sister Tandy let a bunch of Highway 65’s checks bounce. Critics’ darling Juliette is suddenly awash in major label offers, but struggles to raise any interest in Nashville. Right before Deacon hits the road, he reaffirms his devotion to Megan and promises to stay sober while touring. Gunnar’s manic excitement about the band irritates Avery and forces Zoey to play peacemaker between them. Will’s song “What if I Was Willing” climbs the charts while “girlfriend” Layla frets about her failed single and lack of attention from Jeff the exec. Meanwhile, Jeff begs Juliette to come back to Edgehill. When Teddy is sorting through dead wife Peggy’s things, he finds a bottle of pills and later learns she had a miscarriage before they married. Rayna flips when she catches Liam and Scarlett making out in the studio. Avery feels weird about Juliette footing every restaurant tab and gets downright angry when she assumes he’ll want in on an Edgehill deal that includes a producer’s contract for him. After he learns about the real Peggy, drunk Teddy cries on Megan’s shoulder. Deacon attends an AA meeting during a tour stops and runs into Ruth, a fetching former back-up singer who’s really into him. Rest assured he does the right thing in the end. Thankfully, just about no one else does. Let’s talk about that and a couple other awesome things from last night’s Nashville.

An affair to forget Now that she’s openly depressed and writing heart-wrenching ballads, Scarlett may be less annoying but she’s no wiser. Blondie is actually falling for greasy player Liam. This is how she describes their artistic relationship to Rayna – “He kinda opened something up in me to make it flow.” That’s what she said! (literally) When Rayna confronts Liam, he says to his employer/former friend-with-benefits, “Look, I wasn’t trying to make you jealous or anything.” Your skanky, unwashed hair already guaranteed that, buddy. And even if the boss lady is just a teensy bit jelly, she’s mainly tired of liars and creeps. So she fires his ass. Shortly thereafter, he bolts on Blondie. And on behalf of everyone whose stomach turned during that make-out scene, we thank you, Rayna.

That awkward moment you begin to pity Evil Zooey Deschanel When Layla tells Will she’s calling Brett for career advice, her BF freaks at the sound of his secret ex-lover’s name and promises to help her instead. But his promotional antics on a radio show only prompt Jeff to admit the label is pretty much done with her. Layla is crushed, telling Will, “I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but the fact that you’re here means everything.” Oh, dear. And in case you’re wondering how these two got so deep into a relationship centered around brief, sporadic sex, turns out she was a virgin before they got hooked up. Girl, get off that wrong tree you’re barking up, run back to Connecticut, reapply to Harvard, HURRY.

Megan is officially far from perfect Lovely as our lawyer is, everyone knows Rayna must be number one in Deacon’s heart because that’s the rule of star-crossed soap opera lovers. And boy, does Megan botch her standings this week! When Ruth makes a play for Deacon, he kindly declines her offer, mentioning a serious commitment back home. And just as he does in any moment of temptation, he phones Megan. But she can’t take his call because she’s too busy sexing Teddy in the back of her car. The lady’s got a thing for damaged souls and right now Mr. Mayor is way more a mess than Deacon. Maybe she oughta be Will’s beard…

Only a mother could love Laying alone in Rayna’s bed, Luke side eyes a pair of matching paintings that depict Maddy and Daphne in a pastoral setting. When Rayna joins him, he asks, “You always have those in here?.. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great. They just make a fella feel a little watched.” Yeah, watched by a couple of freaky demons. It seriously looked like the artist pasted some Children of the Damned faces on a couple of Stepford Wives. Better take your girlfriend to the ranch next time, Luke.

Finally, the new relationship we’ve all been waiting for… Juliette nearly signs with Edgehill since they’re her only suitor in town. Ultimately, she decides her self respect (and Avery’s) matters more and she tears up their offer. Then she pays a surprise visit to Rayna and asks, “Do you respect me?” Ms. Jaymes replies, “In what context?” Haha! Ms. Barnes makes a “fair enough” face and quickly cuts to the chase. “I need a label, a label that will let me be me. Is there any chance that could be yours?” And since Highway 65 just lost a promising act to a competitor (thanks, Tandy), she says yes. YES, time for you to go rock that Bechdel test, ladies! I hereby christen this badass union of awesome broads #JayBar

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