The Bachelor: Rules of the Rose The Women Tell All

The Bachelor (Photo: ABC)
The Bachelor (Photo: ABC)

This week on The Bachelor, the ever-entertaining Women Tell All Episode.

The Women Tell All is never my favorite episode,  mostly because the women usually just tell what you know they were thinking all season and well, none of these women are still vying for a rose.  That said, it’s The Bachelor who ends up in the proverbial hot seat at the end of the hour and a half-long special.  So we turn the tables onto Juan Pablo, and future Bachelors as to the Do’s and Don’ts of being The Bachelor during The Women Tell All.

Don’t:  Appear on The Women Tell All. I’m assuming it’s unavoidable and somewhere in a contract signed in a fury of other pieces of paper, but it never goes well for The Bachelor.

Do: Apologize.  It may feel like you have to defend yourself to all of the women you sent home and for the reasons they went home, but you hold all, most, of the cards.  Regardless of what happens on The Women Tell All, they’re still going home without a ring on their finger.

Don’t: Think we couldn’t get a translator if necessary.  Several weeks ago The Bachelor made a comment that used both gay and perverted in the same sentence.  He claimed, and now claims on the show, that it was taken out of context and his English isn’t so good.  Well thankfully a few of the women telling all put a halt to all of that and tell him to ‘say it in Spanish.’ Which of course is calling his bluff, after all I haven’t seen a subtitle for Juan Pablo all season.

Do: Know that when the camera stop rolling, sh!t gets real.  Last week after overnight date, Andi, my personal front runner, decided she’d had enough.  Tonight she shares that she felt when the cameras and mics were turned off The Bachelor was still ‘on’ and all about himself and not at all interested in her.  So she decided to leave the show.  Yes yes, 27 people are vying for your love on TV, but maybe at some point the realization has to hit that in the fantasy suite, 3 women are vying for your love, forever.

Don’t: Wear your Las Vegas club suit on TV, Sean.  Of course Sean and Catherine are back after they’ve tied the knot and no one told Sean that shiny just looks bright on TV and grey isn’t a pop of color.

Next week, is it Clare or Nikki holding the final rose? Are there tears? Is Juan Pablo’s daughter there?  Does he propose?  Are the still together?  Find out right here!

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