5 Awesome Things About Scandal S3E11: Ride, Sally, Ride

Scandal (Photo: ABC)
Scandal (Photo: ABC)

Scandal Thursday is back, back back back back back!

In our Nation’s Capital, Current VP Sally Langston is officially running for President, against the current President, Fitzgerald Grant.  To stop her Pope and Associates try to figure out what really happened to her husband.  They’re also pulling in a new VP, Andrew Nichols, a middle-aged playboy who is married to his job, but is he loyal? Apparently he is to Mellie and she’s his ‘one that got away.’ Makes ya wonder if he brought Mellie a boo so he could hang with his?

Meanwhile we’re still unsure of Quinn’s loyalty to Olivia and Co. as she gets deeper and deeper into the B613 bag of bones.  But the agency’s new Command, Jake Ballard, wants to keep her off of his payroll.  We still don’t  know where Mama Pope is, but we’ll assume her disappearance will somehow connect to Harrison’s continued search for a way to get ‘Adnan Sadif’ out of the United States.  But before this episode is over we learn that Adnan Sadif is a woman Harrison has a past and apparently  a ‘current’ with.

Cyrus may indeed be entering into a ‘past’ with James who’s back in cahoots with David Rosen as he brings the Justice Department several recordings revealing Cyrus knows far too much about Sally Langston and her dearly departed husband.  Awesomeness, everywhere.  Did I mention Scandal is back?

1) Scandal. Is. Back!  You had to know that would be #1.
2) Sally Langston. End of Story. She found out her husband is gay, killed him and is now a sitting Vice President running against the sitting President.
3) ‘Express Yourself’ is the, music, cue that Pope and Associates is back in business.  I know that because as I was looking down to give you awesome thing #2, this cue came on and I immediately knew we were in the conference room, with photos and notes posted to frosted glass windows.
4) Everyone should be very afraid! Papa Pope is mad, really mad.  He’s been ousted at B613, ahem, The Smithsonian and actor Joe Morton kills this scene telling Olivia that there may be more to fear then fear itself, and its name is Eli Pope.  Can you say Emmy? I’ll say Golden Globe for you.

5) “Bold, it’s an art.” “Smile, Olivia, The world is watching.” Mellie is still Mellie.  Knowing the gossip mongers are back in the Fitz/Olivia affair trail, The First Lady takes Olivia to a very public lunch.  She’d also like her nemesis to pick a suitor for herself if the two are going to get Fitz re-elected.  Olivia picks one and it’s Jake, and we’re pretty sure that’s the last person Fitz would have wanted, it’s a Scandal, y’all!

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