Survivor Cagayan Episode 1 Recap: “Hot Girl with a Grudge”

Before we rejoin sad, sad Luzon, we catch up with Tony over at Aparri. He happened to notice something clue-like in his fishing basket, which turned out to be a hint for the HII. He tracks down the idol and declares himself king of the jungle.


Luzon sits in their shelter in sulky silence. Garrett says he would rather avoid side conversations and declares an open forum to discuss how Tribal Council will go down. He asks Kass point blank who she will be voting for. She takes a beat before saying J’Tia did not contribute at all to the challenge. Spencer agrees with the assessment before passing the baton to Tasha. Tasha says she would rather have one-on-one conversations with people. She interviews she came to Survivor to be backstabby and conniving, not this non-playing consensus nonsense. Spencer interviews he wasn’t a fan of the consensus approach either, but what are you going to do? J’Tia sits in silence.

Tasha interviews that she’s going to scramble even if J’Tia won’t, since her neck will be on the line soon if J’Tia’s gone. Tasha and Kass go down to the water to freshen up before TC. Garrett doesn’t like the idea of those two being alone, so he brings Spencer along to keep an eye on them. Besides, what’s the woman who just had three votes against her confirmed going to do? If you said “dump out the entire supply of rice,” you are much smarter than anyone on the alleged Brains team.

Tribal Council

Garrett does not stop talking. The thing is, everything he says makes no sense from a strategic standpoint, and a recounting of the events that took place in camp before Tribal simply Probst. What does end up getting revealed is that the guys have tried to work with both Kass and Tasha as potential triumvirate partners, which does not amuse Tasha or Kass. Votes are cast, with the guys voting for J’Tia. Probst asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol. Garrett does nothing, which is bad news for him because he gets voted out. He doesn’t have a pack with him, which means he wasn’t expecting this. He says in his exit interview he didn’t even bring the idol to Tribal. Idiot.

Next time on Survivor Cagayan: Tony comes clean to Sarah about being a cop. Rain destroys everyone’s resolve and skin. Ewww.

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