Survivor Cagayan Episode 1 Recap: “Hot Girl with a Grudge”

Camp Life – Day 4

Luzon: The mood does not improve following Tribal Council. Garrett says he isn’t having any fun because he isn’t used to the whole “surviving” thing. I…okay? Garrett chats with Spencer on how they should proceed. They know Kass is a free agent now, so they try to court her. Kass also knows she’s a free agent and has decided if she will team up with the guys or the gals.

Aparri: Cliff and Yung (who goes by “Woo”) decide to do some exploring with the boat. Cliff doesn’t have much experience with rowing and they capsize, but both guys seem to be getting along great and laugh about the situation. Cliff seems to be winning everyone over, but I can’t help but feel he’s getting the “let me show you a picture of my girl back home—we’re getting married after the war” edit. All is not bliss on the tribe, however, as Lindsey and Trish seem to have it out for each other. Tony pulls Trish aside to warn her not to let the youngsters get in her head before he runs off to put the finishing touches on his “spyshack.” I…okay?

Solana: Brice doesn’t seem to like his team? He basically reads everyone in a private interview? We see him conspiring with LJ and Morgan? There isn’t much going on with this tribe at the moment, but they have set up a form of beach bowling? Solana is probably the MTV Spring Break beach?

Immunity Challenge

Water challenge! The teams have to swim out to a cage, climb up and over, untie the front gate, then move four or five fish traps holding puzzle pieces back to the shore. Once there, the gear-shaped pieces have to fit into a gear-shaped board. The first team to complete the puzzle gets a deluxe fishing kit with spices along with immunity. The runner-up gets some fishing supplies with their immunity. Cliff and Brice sit out so that the teams will be even.

Brains lags a bit in the water thanks to J’Tia, but they are quick at untying knots once they are inside the cage. They have no trouble with the fish traps, allowing them to take a commanding lead. Beauty and Brawn are tied coming out of the gate, but for some reason Beauty gets baffled by how to move the traps. Brawn returns to shore, but a few fingers and toes have gotten sliced up by the traps—it’s Blood vs. Water 2. J’Tia cannot seem to make any progress on the puzzle, completely losing their advantage over Brawn. Sarah finishes the puzzle pretty quickly, scoring a win for Brawn. By this point, Beauty has caught up and LJ starts working on the puzzle. J’Tia has only two pieces in by this point, but LJ finds a groove and finishes in about the same amount of time as Sarah took. Ouch.

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