Survivor Cagayan Episode 1 Recap: “Hot Girl with a Grudge”


As Luzon cleans up following the challenge, they all agree to stop underestimating the other tribes just because their tribe is designated “Brains.” Jeezy creezy, you think? The smartest person in the room is never the person who thinks s/he’s the smartest person in the room. David and lawyer Kass break off from the group to discuss options. David reallllllly wants Garrett gone, particularly since he hasn’t heard his credentials for why he is on their tribe. Kass wants J’Tia out, both because of the shelter snafu and a less than stellar performance at the challenge. Later, Kass tells J’Tia in no uncertain terms she should spend the afternoon scrambling. J’Tia has to take a moment in an interview, then does exactly what Kass suggested. J’Tia talks with Tasha, who agrees with Kass but is willing to work with J’Tia. Garrett joins the conversation and David’s name starts to float around. Garrett says he’ll talk to Spencer. Spencer is open to the suggestion, but he has seen David and Kass sneaking off and is worried an immunity idol could be in play. Garrett doesn’t say anything.

Tribal Council

As the tribe settles into their seats after the “fire represents life” spiel, Garrett gets goosepimply after a spider lands on him. Probst is all “really?” That reaction continues as J’Tia opens the proceedings by saying she knows she’s at risk and that David and Kass will be voting for her. This draws out David and we quickly learn that this is a tribe that looooooooves to talk at Tribal Council. Idiots. The tribe votes. J’Tia votes for David, and he returns the favor. Kass voted for J’Tia, but everyone else voted for David. So much for that leader role. He said he wanted to get rid of Garrett because he might be a threat at the two thirds mark. The lesson here: don’t play Day 26 on Day 1.

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