5 Awesome Things from Nashville Season 2 Episode 15: They Don’t Make ‘Em Like My Daddy Anymore

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

Everyone grieves in their own way, but Rayna’s way is awesome. That’s why she’s the Queen. Let’s chat about that and four other awesome things.

Liam and Scarlett continue recording her album and bond over their mutual loneliness. After a New York Times critic praises the infamous Opry induction performance that got Juliette fired, hot shot producer Howie V invites her to a meeting in Los Angeles. Deacon lines up a last minute gig at a dive bar and invites Avery, Gunnar and Zoey to be his back-up band. When Rayna learns from Teddy that Lamar is dead, she adopts a frigid, businesslike attitude in arranging the funeral. Everyone worries about Rayna’s atypical grieving. Teddy confides his real feelings about his ex-father-in-law’s death to Megan. Everyone thinks Juliette should do whatever Howie V says, even though he sets her up in a ridiculous goth photo shoot that makes Rayna’s music video look like a good idea in comparison. So much ick, yet so much awesome. Here are just five examples from last night’s Nashville

Juliette’s LOL one-liner of the week Before she gets wind of the NYT review, she freaks out over Avery’s perfect recording of “Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet.” Then she laments the fact that no Nashville label will ever want to hear it. Her BF tries to comfort her.

Avery: You have other people in your corner.
Juliette: Yeah, but you don’t count.
Avery: I’m gonna not take that personally…

Good choice, Avery. Go on with your healthy ego.

It’s Glenn Appreciation Day When the “previously on Nashville” highlights Juliette’s gracious Opry Induction speech thank you to Glenn, we know the beleaguered manager will finally get his due. But boy, does he have to work for it. First, he walks in on Juliette and Avery doing it. She screams, “Why aren’t you on vacation?” He came back early to rescue your career, dear. Then he suffers Howie V’s condescension (dude sends him out for a coffee run!) because he knows this douche can make Ms. Barnes a megastar. But Glenn can’t settle for being an errand boy, so he tenders his resignation just to get out of her way. “It’s been an incredible journey with you. That county fair. You had such a big voice for someone so young.” Stop it, Glenn! We’re verklempt. You were the only grown-up dude who wasn’t a creepster to wee l’il Jules. And she appreciates that, so she dumps Howie V and yells at Glenn for trying to quit ’cause that’s how kind Juliette rolls – bitchy style.

Tandy soars to the top of the shit list First, we get the crocodile tears when Rayna breaks the news about Lamar’s death. Our Queen of Country Music is unmoved. “Oh please, Tandy. He was a murderer. Isn’t that what you said?” Later, when Rayna expresses how little she cares about the funeral arrangements, Tandy says, “Trust me, I know exactly how you feel given everything you’ve learned about him in the last couple days, but he was still our father.” Um, she didn’t learn about all this stuff until two days ago because you didn’t tell her. That’s why you’ve had all this extra time to mentally process his crimes. Congrats, Tandy! Now that Peggy’s dead, you are officially The Worst.

Ain’t no pity party like a Scarlett pity party, ’cause Scarlett’s life sucks Remember when Deacon was a glutton for misery? Well, now that he’s seeing better days, he’s the latest loved one to heap more crap on his niece’s sad life. When he neglects to tell her about his new Thursday night gig at the Bluebird, she arrives a little late and sees him on stage with her ex-BFF Zoey and both of her ex-BFs, Avery and Gunnar. Worse yet, he’s honoring his new bandmates after their small, raucous gig at the dive bar. “They reminded me what I love about making music.” Then he lets them perform their new song at the Bluebird. Scarlett leaves before anyone can notice her, spends the night in the studio, then initiates a desperate hook-up with Liam. Remember when Scarlett didn’t have any legitimate complaints?

Rayna terror After the funeral, a black clad Rayna is hanging out in Lamar’s study. She picks up his trusty whiskey glass, reaches for the decanter, then glances at his framed family photo collection. Pouring herself a drink, she bursts into tears, hurls the glass, smashes the decanter and trashes the pictures. Teddy and Tandy are stunned to find her laying on the floor amidst the broken glass, wailing, “It’s gotta stop, all the lying’s gotta stop!” Right audience, right message, perfect expression. That’s how you grieve Lamar’s death.

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