The Bachelor: Rules of the Rose Week 8 Part 1 of 2

The Bachelor (Photo: ABC)
The Bachelor (Photo: ABC)

Dearest Bachelor Viewers, you’re in for a treat this week when the two most highly anticipated episodes of the season air on back-to-back nights.  First up, the Hometown Dates, then…The Fantasy Suite Dates.

The two day Bachelor event begins with hometown dates.  In honor of the four women and their very different hometown dates I thought we should look at how each individual Bachelorette follows, or doesn’t follow, The Rules of the Rose.

Nikki – Kansas City
Do: Keep it classic. As the old saying goes ‘The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ so please, feed him.  I was a little surprised by Juan Pablo’s, well, surprise at having KC BBQ, but the man loved it.  He ate his ribs, chicken and fries like a champ and almost stole the BBQ sauce from the restaurant.

Don’t: Wait for the right moment.  Nikki if you love him, say it, if you trust him, do it as 1990’s R&B group Brownstone would say.  Nikki’s family likes The Bachelor and everyone gets along, but the girl is waiting for the ‘right moment’ to say I love you and as they say their goodbyes and it drags to almost an awkward level, we worry Nikki’s moment may have passed.

Andi – Atlanta
Do: Recognize when you’re making The Bachelor uncomfortable.  Andi takes The Bachelor to a shooting range where he’s clearly uncomfortable, gigglingly so.  He’s a good sport, but as much as he smiles, this sensitive Bachelor is clearly just along for the ride.

Don’t: Doubt yourself.  Andi’s sister says she doesn’t see it in Andi’s face that The Bachelor is the one and now she has to explain her feelings to each individual member of her family.  Luckily, she’s close to being in love with him anyway.

Renee – Sarasota
Do: Make sure The Bachelor gets akin with your child.  Good call Renee.  At first I was skeptical about this meeting between The Bachelor and her son, Ben, but the next time she’s back home she could be engaged. Best to avoid ‘Hey, Ben meet your new dad.’

Don’t: As I said, wait for the right moment.  Renee falls victim to the same pause Nikki experienced earlier in the evening and wants to tell The Bachelor she loves him, but waits and waits and he drives away and she regrets not saying it.  Well, Renee maybe next time you’ll read my posts first.

Clare – Sacramento
Don’t: Get too deep before The Bachelor meets your family.  Clare tells a story about how her dad, who passed away, helped her work through feelings and now she and The Bachelor have shared a moment and there’s an unspoken pressure to make it through the family gathering.  That said, if you do set your sights high for the day…

Don’t: Let your siblings interfere.  Apparently The Bachelor asks Clare’s Mom for her blessing but her sister comes forth and declares the family isn’t their yet and that Clare is manipulating and not respecting their mom.  Clare’s mom is supportive, her sister is ‘overseeing’ the conversation and tries her best to speak for their mother.

In the end, it’s single mom Renee who goes home and we’re not too surprised.  While they had a lot in common, Renee wasn’t ready to go skinny-dipping the way Clare was and, well, this IS television after all.  Tonight, tune in for the Fantasy Dates, and whether or not they’re a dream, or a nightmare.

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