What the what is going on with Fox’s The Following?

The Following (Photo: FOX.com)

It’s not so much the quantity of stabbings, it’s the quality…..

Dear Ryan:

We are concerned for you. We are concerned for your well-being. We are particularly concerned that you are going to hurt yourself or your loved ones, which right now amounts to a single never before mentioned niece who is clearly related to you since she, too, lacks any sense of self- preservation, common sense, or ability to retain the advanced training both you and she have ostensibly received during your careers in law enforcement.

We understand that it is our fault you no longer have a romantic entanglement with our merry band of insane killers and that this time of transition – from guardian angel to, well, sort of avenging angel? What is it you’re going for? It kinda looks like we ripped you off on an oil change and you want to teach us a lesson and regain your masculinity. No matter… – can be difficult. We also understand that you’re stuck chasing nothing in circles while we take forever to bring our antagonist back into the fold, and that, too, is our fault. We apologize.

But, please – if you continue to hurtle yourself at the paper-thin set of villains that have populated the first half of this season with seemingly no regard for either success or personal safety, it is inevitable that one of them will get lucky and accidentally actually kill you. And we don’t want that. You’re supposed to die in a complex death trap while the antagonist quotes Poe… or something. We’re not totally clear on the details ourselves, being more of an aesthetic construct with no real sense of purpose. Which is a real shame given how legitimately chilling, if somewhat screamingly predictable, we appeared last season. Plus the writers will be beyond stuck trying to lay on a ‘betcha didn’t see that coming!’ twist that, because they’ve already pulled out so many stops and exhausted so many viewers, would have no chance of working unless the viewers were at least as drunk and/or insane as said group of villains.

Maybe – and this is just a thought – you could have talked more with your former FBI protege and play some sort of long con on him while you press your own agenda. He seemed like he wanted to be friends. Plus he’s not a total idiot as you and your niece are turning out to be this season.

Anyway, this is just us, saying that we’re here. And we care.

Be well,



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