What Else is On? February 19-25, 2014

Private Lives of Nashville Wives (Photo: TNT)
Private Lives of Nashville Wives (Photo: TNT)

With the Olympics wrapping up this weekend, the cable and broadcast networks are ready to bring out new programs. It’s the calm before the winter TV storm! Here’s what else is on this coming week.

Saturday, February 22

With the Winter Olympics winding down, NBC will be previewing a couple of its upcoming new comedies. Saturday’s preview will be About a Boy — adapted from the the Nick Hornby novel of the same name. The show stars Minnie Driver and David Walton, two people NBC is deadset to keep employed. The preview will be commercial-free and will start 11pm-ish (depending on when Olympic coverage ends).

Sunday, February 23

Growing Up Fisher, the other NBC comedy getting a preview, will air following the broadcast of the Winter Olympics closing ceremony. On this show, JK Simmons plays a family man who goes blind but tries not to let it affect his day-to-day life. The promo campaign has been awful, but I have a hard time believing Simmons would sign on for a disaster, so I’m cautiously optimistic. The preview will air 10:30pm-ish.

Meanwhile, The Amazing Race will start up on CBS with yet another all-star season. It should be noted many of the teams are on their third or fourth tour of duty for CBS reality productions. Yay? The race begins at 8pm.

Monday, February 24

Grrrrrrrrrrlllllllllll! It’s back: RuPaul’s Drag Race and the queens of season six. Clare will be providing thorough reads each week, so be sure to tune in for her coverage. The show (and its companion Untucked) will begin on Logo at 9pm.

Over on TNT, the network’s reality development is jumping on the Real Housewives bandwagon1 with the new series Private Lives of Nashville Wives. I mean, yeah, it’s derivative, but at least it’s a new location? The show debuts at 10pm.

Tuesday, February 25

AMC is going over the top with the new reality series Game of Arms. That’s right: it’s about arm wrestling. I don’t think Stallone is involved, but this could be interesting. The show starts at 10pm.

After a bonus episode of The Bachelor2, ABC will premiere the drama Mind Games. A team of specialists will crack cases using psychological manipulation. I wonder if it’s all Good Cop/Bad Cop for 43 minutes, which might be fun. This also airs at 10pm.

  1. Maybe five years too late?  
  2. What the frig, ABC?  

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