Should I Be Watching Fox’s Rake?

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Objection! This premise is simultaneously charming and overdone.

To: Viewers of ‘Rake’, now on FOX
From: FOX Import Programming Dept.
Re: Error(s) with your recent order

Due to oversights amongst our creative executives1 the following errors occurred with your recent order of Rake, a lawyer comedy2/drama3 starring Greg Kinnear as a sex- and gambling-addicted lawyer in Los Angeles with a minor drinking problem and a major writing problem.

1) We meant to broadcast this show at 10pm instead of 9 where we could allow for a darker tone and some more ribaldry.4

2) The writing team was accidentally split in two, one responsible for the A-plot, the other the B-plot, and then the two sub-teams were placed in separate buildings with no phones or email, and only a one sentence description of each episode’s theme to get them each started. This actually causes fewer problems than one might think as there are so many side characters and threads going on here that ‘B-plot’ is almost a misnomer.

2a) We slipped up and did not stick with any of the side characters long enough for you to fully appreciate the tone and depth they (surprisingly) collectively give to Rake.

3) We forgot that the lawyering part of lawyer shows is kind of boring, especially when there’s only one lawyer and not a team of them. Also, we apologize for not having enough lightbulbs to properly illuminate the courtroom sets.

4) A pre-launch buzz campaign that suggested the show as ‘House is a lawyer’ was a typo. What we meant was ‘This lawyer show is superficially similar in some small respects to our wildly popular show House and gosh do we hope people will inexplicably watch Rake like they did the well-past-expiration final seasons of that show.’

5) The nonchalant coverage of ‘touchy’ subjects, including but not limited to addiction, broken homes, religious and cultural differences, and kids with cancer, is actually not an error but really the closest thing this show has to a saving grace.5

6) Finally, we would also like to apologize to Mr. Kinnear for delivering the wrong vehicle for his charm and timing. It was not our intent to seat him in a Porsche being towed around a track, very occasionally zipping up to 55 mph, and only let him rev the engines now and again.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback, although there’s no evidence we ever listen to either.

Rake plays Thursday nights at 9/8c on FOX, or anytime on Hulu. Review written after three (3) episodes.

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  1. See: Enlisted review. Also: anything concerning Joss Whedon.  
  2. ?  
  3. ???  
  4. Reportedly there was a darker pilot which will be broadcast (possibly edited?) as a regular episode at some point.  
  5. Would you possibly be interested in this toothless program were it also sanctimonious? No? We thought not. Thank us later.  

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