5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville Season 2 Episode 14: Too Far Gone

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

Scarlett’s feeling awfully upbeat.. And everyone’s a little confused about that

Unemployable Juliette decides to plays hooky on her life and veg out at new beau Avery’s apartment. Deacon asks Avery to record his next Bluebird performance for a live album. Rayna reunites with Tandy and pressures her into planning Lamar’s “welcome home from prison” party. Will must record an album to compete with Rayna’s May 1st release date, but struggles to find good material. Manic Scarlett juggles songwriting, recording and an appearance in Rayna’s music video with a little help from Liam’s pep pills. Zoey secretly auditions to be a back up singer, but gets shot down for her inexperience. Tandy and Teddy reveal Lamar’s dark secrets to Rayna. When Will can’t handle working with his secret-ex-lover, he complains to Jeff about Brent, who is then fired. Deacon and Megan have a huge fight when he learns she’s working with Teddy. Lamar’s back, but don’t blink! Let’s talk about that and all the other awesome things from last night’s Nashville

Juliette can’t get far enough under the covers Even though she doesn’t answer her phone or leave Avery’s apartment, Juliette can’t escape public commentary on her life. Hiding under the bed sheets, she listens as unannounced visitor Deacon asks Avery if he’s seen her around. “She sure stirred up a hornet’s nest with that Opry performance. She’s a hard headed little damn thing, isn’t she,” Deacon observes as Juliette quietly grinds her teeth. Annoying. Seriously, why would anyone think that being this famous is fun?

Where’s our melancholy wallflower? Now that Scarlett’s writing tough, personal songs and taking speed, she’s never been less of a downer. And everyone knows this is very, very strange. Juliette and Avery are spooked when she very calmly, pleasantly greets them at Deacon’s Bluebird show. And when she’s friendly and polite to ex-BFF Zoey, the former friend can’t help asking, “Are you okay?” OF COURSE SHE’S NOT OKAY!!!

Avery the sage Can you even recall that snotty, entitled pipsqueak from season one who cheated on Scarlett with Catherine Zeta Cougar? Remember when he got pissy about his contract and tried to storm off Wyclef’s private jet? When did Avery become such a sensitive source of wise advice? He says to an uncharacteristically lame-o Juliette, “Just because you close your eyes doesn’t mean you’re invisible.” When he hears that angry Deacon wants to trim an excellent love song (to Megan) from the Bluebird set list, he responds, “You should either fix what’s bothering you or get over it before we start recording.” I used to hate this guy and now I love him – always a good sign in a TV show.

Finally, a great musical performance When Will tells Gunnar that he hates all the demos he’s heard, Gunnar shows his buddy a ballad he wrote “after the whole Brent thing.” That’s right, Gunnar penned a song about his secretly gay friend’s inner struggle. Okay. Will recoils at first, but ends up singing it later. And for a show that has largely failed to live up to its first season soundtrack, it’s a great performance. I love those moments when Will’s usual “aw, shucks” face gives way to a deeply pained expression, but it’s especially beautiful when he’s singing. Not sure about Gunnar being his hetero savior, but yes, more musical moments like this, please.

Chain reaction of dirty family secrets¬†Teddy tells Rayna that Lamar ordered the hit that killed Peggy, explaining that the old man wrongly assumed his ex son-in-law was the US Attorney’s star witness. Tandy was the real witness, he tells her. When Rayna asks her sister why she wanted to sell Lamar up the river, Tandy hands her a file connecting dad to their mom’s “accidental” death. Rayna confronts Lamar about her mother’s automobile wreck and he tearfully admits to tailing his estranged wife’s car that night, but insists it really was an accident. When Rayna asks him about Peggy’s murder, he stops crying and hedges the question. She says, “You’re dead to me.” Then Lamar corners Teddy, who tells him that Tandy was the real star witness. Right then, Lamar has a heart attack. He begs Teddy for help. Teddy does nothing, but to his credit the guy did appear to order his murder and this totally seems like a Fred Sanford, “I’m coming to join ya, Elizabeth!” moment. But according to next week’s teaser… it’s not! Lamar’s dead to everyone, not just Rayna. Damn. And we never got our Powers Booth silky slow jam. RIP you mean old bastard.

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