An Unfortunate Episode – Punky Brewster Season 2 Episode 16: Cherie Lifesaver

We next see Henry and Allen poking around the courtyard. Hank asks the youngster, “Any luck?” Allen yammers, “No, the tree house is empty. I thought she might have crawled up my body while I was counting. Of course, if you think about it, I would have known if she was climbing up me because I would have felt it.” Hmm, maybe he’s a stoner. I’m starting to like this kid. Henry tells him to shut up. Finally, FINALLY, Henry heeds his earlier concern and opens the fridge. There we find Cherie pale and unconscious. They pull her out and notice that she isn’t breathing. That’s when the billion year old man says to the eight year old boy, “Allen, you learned CPR in school. Give her CPR now!” But as we know, Allen is useless because he got sent to the principal’s office. So clearly this is all his fault.

Enter Punky and Margaux, who quickly put their new knowledge to work. And while this is certainly less boring than the demonstration in Mike’s classroom, it still takes way too long. The nonstop, ultra-melodramatic soundtrack resembles the nightmare music from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. I keep expecting to see a red bike and that weird bondage clown from Cheap-O Chester’s.

As terrifying as this ride has been, it is an 80s sitcom so everything works out okay. The girls successfully revive Cherie. She slowly comes to as Allen sobs through his apology. Even dopey Henry has to admit that he was just as helpless and should have removed the fridge door ASAP. As the ambulance siren sounds closer, Betty asks her granddaughter how she feels. Being a sitcom kid, she responds, “I’m hungry.” Yay, now the audience can laugh! Punky says, “Something tells me she’s gonna be just fine,” then kisses her pal on the forehead. She’s a good egg, that Punky. How fortunate that Henry found her so she can take care of him and make sure he doesn’t accidentally kill anyone.

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