5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville Season 2 Episode 12: Just for What I Am

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When the darker aspects of her personality come to light, our blonde heroine ceases to exist and is replaced by her brunette twin cousin Maddy… oops, wrong show. Click here to see what really happened on last night’s Nashville.

The fallout from Juliette’s doctored “there is no god” video is only getting worse. Following a bomb threat and widespread demand for ticket refunds, she must cancel several shows on her tour. Deacon isn’t sure if he wants to sign with Belcourt Records after receiving a lowball offer. Overwhelmed by her many promotional obligations and crappy personal life, Scarlett can’t keep straight whether she’s in Knoxville or Chattanooga (NOTE: they have Vols football, we have Rock City and Ruby Falls – get it straight, Blondie!) Avery worries when he can’t get in touch with Juliette. In need of a surefire hit single for her new album, Rayna asks Deacon to write with her. They are soon wallowing in a sea of goo goo eyes and giggly sexual tension. Gunnar keeps ditching Zoey to do up-and-coming songwriter stuff and when she finally admits that it’s kinda bugging her, he makes an ill-conceived girlfriend comparison between her and Scarlett. Aw, first fight. Luke and Rayna are happily reunited at the celebration for their number one hit song, but don’t know if they’re ready to go public with their romance. Mayor Teddy learns that the family of Peggy’s murderer hired a lawyer to look into his “suicide”, and he’s extra pissed when he discovers that lawyer is Megan. But then he’s extra, extra pissed when he learns the gunman used to work for a subsidiary of Wyatt Industries. Ooh, does this mean we get to see some more Lamar soon? Anywho, here are just five awesome things from last night’s Nashville

Jeff preaches The Edgehill exec storms into Juliette’s posh abode, screaming about how her fiasco is ruining his career. When she tells him to get out of her home, he replies, “You think you’re talented? You think you deserve this house? ‘Cause I think you’re just visiting. That you’re trailer trash hiding under a pile of sequins. You should thank god for your good fortune, not deny he exists.” He commands her to publicly beg for the lord’s forgiveness, then states that she is, “an uneducated, mildly talented lie.” Being an atheist viewer who finds many aspects of this storyline problematic, watching this sanctimonious blowhard represent its worst aspects is really quite satisfying.

Juliette’s LOL one-liner of the week Based on the teaser, we all thought the great #JulAvery romance would finally commence with him rescuing her from an overdose (ugh, shades of Gunnar and Scarlett dysfunction). Thankfully, it turns out Juliette just got really tanked and passed out half naked on the bed. When Avery rouses her, she grumbles, “What are you doing here? Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Her tone is like an eye roll, especially the way she gags on the word, “girlfriend.” Oh, wait, she’s gagging on vomit. Calling all dinosaurs!

An homage to David Lynch Out to prove Jeff wrong, Avery convinces Juliette to don a disguise and busk on Music Row. For whatever reason, she decides to dress as Maddy Ferguson (a.k.a. Laura Palmer’s brunette twin cousin from “Twin Peaks”) and pulls off the look even better than Sheryl Lee herself.

Things not to say to your boss Right after Gunnar inadvertently reveals he no longer has any feelings for Scarlett, Rayna finds her protege bawling in the ladies room. And that’s when Blondie tells her, “You might have weird, codependent relationships with your ex-boyfriends, but I do not.” Okay, Scarlett, this isn’t about Rayna and Deacon’s thing as much as it’s about you being a drag and being lonely… but you do have a point. Someone needed to say it.

The teaser In an episode packed with so much awesome, it seems unfair to highlight next week’s highlights. But what’s coming up is just so juicy. On the “meh” side, there will be a shameless NASCAR promotion and special guest appearance by “Accidental Racist” Brad Paisley. On the “YES!” side, my favorite predictions seem to be coming true – Scarlett develops a pill addiction and Juliette’s gonna stand up to Jeff, which means she may get dumped from Edgehill… but isn’t Rayna still looking for some Highway 65 talent? I love when these two mutual haters are in cahoots. Let’s make it happen, ladies. Frenemy power!

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