What Else is On? January 22-28, 2014

The Fighters (Photo: Discovery)
The Fighters (Photo: Discovery)

This week’s television features the final Greatest Event in Television History. No, not the Bachelor wedding or the debut of Wahlburgers, though those probably rank in the top…billion?

Wednesday, January 22

What do you do if you are super famous, such as being a member of New Kids on the Block or an Oscar nominee, and your last name is Wahlberg? You open a restaurant in your suburban Boston hometown and call it Wahlburgers. A&E will premiere a reality series about the restaurant expanding to a second location at 10:30pm.

Meanwhile, Broad City jumps from webseries to Comedy Central series at 10:30pm. The show stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as two women in their twenties getting up to shenanigans in New York City. Jacobson and Glazer are executive producers along with Amy Poehler.

Thursday, January 23

Fox will debut the new comedic drama Rake, which looks like it may be the lawyer version of House—a description that caught my interest when I heard it. Greg Kinnear stars as Keegan Deane, a defense attorney who may be in over his head in both his career (serial killers) and personal life (bookies and troubled relationships). The show begins at 9pm.

Over on Discovery, an eight-part documentary about Boston’s boxing circuit called The Fighters premieres. Each episode will follow two pugilists for a week as they prepare to face each other in the ring. Each episode culminates in a three-round bout. The stories begin at 9pm.

The so-called Greatest Event in Television History will air its final installment at Midnight. Previously, Adam Scott and company have re-created the theme sequences for Simon & Simon, Hart to Hart, and Too Close for Comfort. What will be the final re-creation? Bosom Buddies is what’s most likely after a billboard advertising the special was revealed earlier this week.

Friday, January 24

Netflix’s next new original production is a documentary about Mitt Romney, tracking his political career from 2006 up through his loss in 2012. If that doesn’t intrigue you, perhaps this will:

Mitt Romney (Gif: Netflix)
Mitt Romney (Gif: Netflix)

The documentary goes live at 3am.

Saturday, January 25

Director Michael Bay takes us back to 1715 in Black Sails, an unofficial prequel to Treasure Island. If you can’t wait until 9pm to get in on the pirate action, you can watch the full first episode courtesy of Starz.

Sunday, January 26

There is a clusterfudge of programming on broadcast television during prime time. NBC will have the NFL Pro Bowl, CBS will have the Grammy Awards and ABC will air the special The Bachelor: Sean and Catherine’s Wedding.

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