Exquisite Corpse: Bravo Reality the Week of January 3, 2014

Shrill & Fabulous
Shrill & Fabulous

It’s a new year of Shrill & Fabulous, y’all! It’s parties dot hashtag dot blog as our cast of characters party (and fight) in Mexico, France, Spain, and Atlanta. DRAMA, s’il vous plait!

 Shrill & Fabulous Season 8 Episode 11 — “Mimosa, Sue Mosa”

Drama on a yachting excursion marks the premiere of this reality series about young Chicagoans navigating the highs and woes of their lives over one summer. Style expert Daisy Lewellyn hosts a soiree and blogger Demetria Lucas sounds off on the Internet. “Cyber Monday” and procrastination come into play and could threaten the big occasion. Here, Brooklyn makes an unexpected speech, and sisterhood dramas threaten to sour the big event. The staffers head to Cabo San Lucas for Stassi’s birthday, but a vulgar comment and boozy bickering spoil the celebration. Later, the chefs create meals that represent both France and Spain. Mike delves into a business venture; Asa stages a launch party for her product. Patti tries to create matches for a former optician and an entrepreneur with two children. Courtney prepares for a big jewelry-design presentation following an ill-fated get-together with Matt. Porsha returns to Atlanta with newfound independence.

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