Survivor Blood vs Water Episode 2: “Rule in Chaos”

Camp Life

Life is all kumbaya at Galang. Except for Colton—he hates kumbaya. He would rather play in a world of chaos, so he over-strategizes with everybody. We get treated to a montage of him talking to each tribe member, saying a third tribe member is talking smack. This type of gameplay is not all that effective most of the time, especially when there is no consistency in targets. No one is afraid of Colton, but man is he getting on everyone’s last nerve. This leads to the creation of an alliance between Tyson, Aras, Gervase, Tina and Monica.

Over at Tadhana, the dominating guys’ alliance have determined that the girls put 🙁 on their ballots. Riveting. And sexist. As for strategy, Rachel has become a target for several reasons. The other women suspect she will work with the guys since she’s getting along with John. The guys think John could be a liability if he continues to cavort and caper with Rachel. Also, there’s a possibility Tyson might swap out to protect Rachel if she gets sent to Redemption Island, which could weaken the Galang tribe. Interesting theory.

Immunity/Reward Challenge

This one does not look like fun. Three players are tethered together as they roll a barrel (containing a fourth player) to flagpoles. At each pole, the player in the barrel has to hop out and untie a bag of balls. Once the bags are collected and the barrel is rolled to the rest of the team, the other players can untie the bags. Then one player will skeeball the six balls into six holes. The showdown is between Gervase and Hayden. There’s only so much tension and excitement that can be conveyed in skee-ball, but it was a squeaker with Gervase scoring the final point. Galang wins immunity again, sending Tadhana back to Tribal Council. Galang also wins a bunch of fishing gear.

Scrambling and the Vote

At this point no one except John knows if he has the Hidden Immunity Idol or not (he doesn’t). The guys are dead-set on getting rid of Rachel, though John would prefer sending someone else home. To make sure things go without a hitch, John tells Celia that Rachel is the target, but Rachel has been told that Celia is the mark. However, this does cause a hitch, thanks to Katie and Celia’s paranoia. If John has the idol, he could use it to save Rachel, which means Celia would go home if everyone voted for Rachel. They decide to vote for John just in case.

Nothing noteworthy happens at Tribal Council. The guys vote for Rachel, Celia and Katie vote for John, and Rachel votes for Celia. John doesn’t have the idol, so Rachel heads off to Redemption Island.

Next week on Survivor: Blood vs. Water: Tyson might take the bait to switch out with Rachel. Colton is so over the game and might quit. But first he has to sit in Caleb’s lap. Okie dokie.

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